Parent Learning Styles Inventory

What Is Your Personal Learning Style?

The first secret to making learning faster and easier is to understand your personal learning style preferences.

The second secret is to know which learning style creates the most efficient way to comprehend and recall what you have chosen to learn. The latest brain research says that when the learning and testing styles match, you will experience virtually effortless recall.

Once you have completed the inventory, have your child take the Personal Learning Styles Inventory, check their results and read the information that follows on the results page.

If you would like to administer this inventory in your business, view our corporate site license information. Or, if you have questions, please please contact us online or by phone at (707) 837-8180.

Click on the statements you AGREE with:

  1. I prefer to hear a book on tape rather than reading it.
  2. When I put something together, I always read the directions first.
  3. I prefer reading to hearing a lecture.
  4. When I am alone, I usually have music playing or hum or sing.
  5. I like playing sports more than reading books.
  6. I can always tell directions like north and south no matter where I am.
  7. I love to write letters or in a journal.
  8. When I talk, I like to say things like, “I hear ya, that sounds good or that rings a bell.”
  9. My room, desk, car or house is usually disorganized.
  10. I love working with my hands and building or making things.
  11. I know most of the words to the songs I listen to.
  12. When others are talking, I usually am creating images in my mind of what they are saying.
  13. I like sports and think I am a pretty good athlete.
  14. It’s easy to talk for long periods of time on the phone with my friends.
  15. Without music, life isn’t any fun.
  16. I am very comfortable in social groups and can usually strike up a conversation with most anyone.
  17. When looking at objects on paper, I can easily tell whether they are the same no matter which way they are turned.
  18. I usually say things like, “I feel, I need to get a handle on it, or get a grip.”
  19. When I recall an experience, I mostly see a picture of it in my mind.
  20. When I recall an experience, I mostly hear the sounds and talk to myself about it.
  21. When I recall an experience, I mostly remember how I felt about it.
  22. I like music more than art.
  23. I often doodle when I am on the phone or in a meeting.
  24. I prefer to act things out rather than write a report on them.
  25. I like reading stories more than listening to stories.
  26. I usually speak slowly.
  27. I like talking better than writing.
  28. My handwriting is not usually neat.
  29. I generally use my finger to point when I read.
  30. I can multiply and add quickly in my head.
  31. I like spelling and think I am a good speller.
  32. I get very distracted if someone talks to me when the TV is on.
  33. I like to write down instructions that people give me.
  34. I can easily remember what people say.
  35. I learn best by doing.
  36. It is hard for me to sit still for very long.