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Making Camp Premium

Making Camp Premium mobile app wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

making camp premium parent and teacher choice award winnerThis mobile app won our hearts because kids can learn math, history and language arts all at the same time! We love how engaging it is and how kids are so motivated to continue playing to fill the tent while racking up the points — all the while learning new skills!  Earning by learning!

There are 50 engaging activities as kids build out and customize their virtual world. The whole app is personalized and lets kids choose which path they take.

Kids are introduced to native American history, tribally vetted as told through native voices. Kids get to solve math problems, learn language arts and expand their vocabulary while engaging in the village building simulation game.

They even get to practice addition and subtraction, multiplication and division as they learn math problem-solving strategies.

In this Making Camp Premium mobile app, kids ages 7-10 in grades 3 through 5 kids love to learn because they are having so much fun!, This app is aligned with core standards.

We love the Making Camp Premium mobile app and encourage every parent and teacher to use it!

 Unanimously Chosen by The Parent and Teacher Choice™ Awards Team

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