Mazaam Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Mazaam wins parent and teacher choice awardMazaam Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from 

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Mazaam wins parents and teacher choice award

Mazaam is the finest app we’ve seen to introduce classical music to your child.

To help develop your child’s full potential, introducing them to classical music is one of the best ways we know of to improve their cognitive development, fully engage their brain, stimulate their auditory memory and provide them benefits that will last for a lifetime.

Students who play an instrument or have learned classical music are shown in many tests to score higher on math exams, including the SAT when they are applying to college.

This unique app alows your child to choose their own avatar, and learn both low and high pitch sounds while listening to a wide array of classical music.

Here are just some of the many benefits of the Mazaam musical genius app:

  • Introduces children to musical concepts through fun games
  • Supports the cognitive and social development of children ages 4 to 6 through a pedagogical method developed by the Canada Research Chair in Music and Learning
  • Enables the child to achieve targeted learning goals, such as improving concentration, logical reasoning and abstract thought, and stimulates auditory memory
  • The child develops his listening skills while being exposed to real recordings of classical music 
  • Gives parents the opportunity to play with their child featuring an augmented reality module, Mazaam encourages participation of the parent and child together, strenthening their bond

When you visit their webpage you’ll discover, in both the English and French versions, how parents and teachers can introduce classical music to their children or students.

Our Parent and Teacher Choice team loves this classical music app and knows your child will truly enjoy the games as they become a classical music genius!

Mazaam is our unanimous choice and wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from and we highly recommend it to parents.

You worked very hard to make your product one that makes a difference in children’s lives so share it with over 2 million visitors.

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