Page Sponsorship Items to Send

Dear Educational Partner,

Thank you! We are delighted to have you with us as a Featured Expert and Subject Area Page Sponsor.

To get your pages up and running on our site, as well as the accompanying marketing placements, we ask you to

  • Provide the following informational instructions that we send to our websmaster in a single WORD document.

  •  Attach the document plus jpegs (which you name separately) to an e-mail (perhaps all in a zip file)

  • Make the subject line of the e-mail – Sponsorship and Expert Details for (name of company or person)

  • Please e-mail all the requested info to patwyman (insert the@symbol)

  • Please provide all the information in just ONE e-mail

Before sending your materials please review the Spelling and Homeschooling pages here to get a sense of the layout template.  

For Your Subject Area Page

1) Sponsorship banner for the top of the page which is a 600x 125jpg banner. Tell us the exact URL we should link to. We recommend you place a call to action on this banner to inspire people to click on it right away.

2) Resources – a list of 4 or more of your resources with URLS  – this can be anything on your site

3) Printables – name of printable and across from it, the URL to link it to.  If you do not have printables, we can change the name of this box to something else—just let us know what works for your company

4) Product jpgs – send up to three product jpgs. Provide the name of each product, and their URL. Make each no larger than 100x 137 in size

5) Expert description and photo – jpg headshot that is no larger than 200 x 299 (scale first to this size or close if it is larger). Write a brief description to accompany the photo, similar to those on the example pages – no more than 75 words

6) Videos – send embedded code for up to two videos that are hosted on your site or on youtube. Size these videos with the embed code to 420 x 315. Don’t have videos?  We can remove this option, if you’d like.

7) Articles – Send 4 to 6 article titles with the URLS listed–write the title, then the URL directly across from the title. These can be articles or blog postings from your site. We recommend that you rotate your article content at least every other month to keep this fresh.

8) Podcasts/Mp3s/ info – if you have podcasts you’ve done, mp3s or blogtalk radio type things on your site, we can link to them.  Please include the name of the talk or seminar, and write the URL across from it.  If you do not have these items, we can eliminate this option from the page.

For the other placements associated with the Subject Page sponsorship–

1) Product Store – please check this link– as an example. Image size – no larger than 130 x 130.  Product description – up to 30 words. It’s not necessary you have your products in our store—it is an option, if it’s of interest.

2) The Best Learning Resources Guide – choose one category and send us a 60 x 120 image, URL to link it to, short description and a call to action.

3)  Featured Expert full page – for this page:, we need to determine your official expert title as it relates to your subject page expertise. In general, you will be listed as the expert that relates to your subject – i.e. (example) Algebra Expert so please refer to yourself as the expert in your specific subject area.  Include, in your doc file, a short description of yourself, and include a link to your website.
4) Expert page with your name on it – be sure to write your name out fully so we can place you on the full expert page. Website visitors get to this page from
Please refer to this sample page –, and provide similar information for yourself, including
a. long(er) description of you as the expert
b. your product jpgs (name them all for the longer expert page), tell us which URL to link each product to, and include a brief description
c. your three favorite books
d. your favorite two quotes
e. thumbnails or urls to any videos you want on your full expert page (must be hosted on youtube or on your site)
f.  articles – your longer expert page articles will auto fill when you write articles that are exclusive to . You will send them per these writing guidelines over the course of the next year. In the subject write this: Article to publish for expert: xxxx.  Your article will be published within two weeks. Set google alerts so you know when it has published.

Thank you again. This is what we need ALL IN ONE EMAIL in order to send it to our webmaster. We know this a quite a bit of information and once you send it we will provide significant exposure for your company, website, products, and expertise.

If you have any questions about the items to send please contact Ann (insert the @ symbol) 

We look forward to working with you!