Application for the Parent and Teacher Choice Awards

3 Simple Steps:

1. Product and Entry Shipments: Mail 3 samples of each product submitted for our team.

2 Types of Entry Fees: Product entry fees are as follows for both the Basic and Premium Educational Partner Entries.

Basic Entry: $299 for each product. (See Premium Partner Entry also)

$ 279 each for 3-4 products

$100 per book.

If you have more than 5 products to submit, please contact us for product discount.

Premium Educational Partner Entry: (Includes significant exposure on our site and much more as described below, even if you do not win)

$750 for any category and up to two products.

What this includes: You become an Educational Partner with us, and immediately go into the only Best Learning Resources Coupon book online that goes out to over 300,000 parents, teachers and homeschoolers 3 times per year.

Plus you receive guaranteed product exposure on our site in several places for a full year to our 2.4 million visitors, and inclusion in a minimum of 7 newsletters, going out to over 100K subscribers, even if you don’t win the Parent and Teacher Choice Award.

Gives you guaranteed product exposure to our 2.4 M visitors even if it does not win ($3,000 value).

See information about Premium Entries on the next page for more information or (email parentandteacherchoice(at)

(Digital submissions and descriptions of your product are also accepted – please fill out that field in the form)

Send 3 copies of each product to:

Parent and Teacher Choice Awards
4808 Fairmont Pkwy, Suite 197
Pasadena, TX 77505

2. On the form, include the URL of your product image that is 200 x 200 pixels so we can use it when announcing the winners. Other types of products such as websites, services or online courses, please see instructions on the call for entries application form.

3. Complete the entry fee payment on the page after you submit your application.

If you are submitting more than 5 products, email us for discount pricing. (parentandteacherchoice (at)

Online Applications Accepted All Year and Applied to Nearest Calendar Deadline Dates for Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer Awards 

(Entry Fee Payment Page will appear after you submit form)

If you are submitting more than one product, please list them on the form under the Product item numbers and URLs.

*Fields with an asterisk are required. Fill out the Parent and Teacher Choice Application here:


Parent and Teacher Choice Awards Online Application

  • Enter the title of your first product here. (If you are entering more than 1 product, list them in the fields below and select a separate category for each one).
  • List product title and put yes or no next to each product title, telling us whether the product is a digital submission or not.
  • If any product is a digital submission, and we need a product access code, or software key, please list the name of your product and provide the access code next to it.
  • List the url of where your product JPG is located. Product JPG must be 200 x 200 pixels so that we can place this jpg on our site for the winners. If you do not have a URL with your product JPG on it, email us at and give us the name of your product and attach the jpg to the email.
  • Copy the captcha digits that you see.