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1. Regular Banner Listing, $99this includes your category listing, banner ad of 440 x 100, hyperlinked name of your website at the top of your listing,  two line description of your site, including a link to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

2. Premiere Top of Your Category Banner Listing $ 127this premiere listing includes your 440 x 100 Banner Listing at the top of your category you select or we create for you, with two line description of your site, hyperlinked banner and url title, including links to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

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1. Regular Text Listing – $ 80 (See example of text listings in between banner listings on this page)

First come first served order in the category you select for your site to appear.

Includes your straight hyperlink, clickable website url, a short two line description of your site, plus clickable Facebook and Twitter url for your site to help you get more fans.

Send us an email with your category, two line description, FB and Twitter urls, and url you want us to link to.

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2. Premiere Top of Category Banner $ 127 (See example of top of category premiere listings just below on this page)

Your site will be listed at the top of your category and you must email or call us to ensure that this listing is not already reserved. We will help you create a unique category if the category you want is already reserved.

Includes: Your 440x 100 banner at the top of your category, plus your url and 1-2 line description of your site. (all straight hyperlinks and clickable)

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Here is a sample listing with the 440 x 100 banner that you will email to us along with your url and a short, 35 word or less description of your site plus your twitter and FB urls we can put at the bottom of your listing.

NEED A GRAPHIC ARTIST? We have a graphic artist we work with who will make your banner for you if you wish and you may contact him at He makes our banners for us and we recommend him for the high quality work he does – plus his prices are very reasonable.

M.D. gives you 60 tips that look just like ADHD. Free ADHD diagnostic information, articles and resources.

Top of Category: $127 Buy Now

(email us to ensure the top of category listing you want is not taken. We will create a unique category for you if so.

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3. Regular Banner Listing

As in the banner example above, your site is listed with a 440 x 100 banner on a light yellow background, with your clickable url below and two line description along with your FB and Twitter urls.

Your site will be placed above the regular text, non-banner listings in your selected category.

Send us your 440 x 100 banner, your url to link it to, the url you want below the banner and a two line description of your site.

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4. Right Nav Banner –

300x 100 banner which appears on the right nav of the page. You may purchase this separately from the listings or purchase it as a standalone ad.

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