What Are the 2 Things that Make the Most Difference in Your Child’s Grades and School Success?


Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with over half a million students and parents throughout the world, who felt like there was no hope, that their time for getting terrific grades had passed them by, and who initially told me they had tried everything and nothing worked.

But, once they learned the TWO things that really do make a difference in their grades, their whole world changed.

And it fills my heart… Every. Single. Time.


I absolutely LOVE receiving emails, graduation invitations, and photos from students GUSHING about their terrific grades, proudly showing them to friends and family, and even getting on to the honor roll for the first time in their lives.

They glow with excitement about getting into college, knowing they will succeed because they have a system in place that works for them every day.

They can’t wait to share about having new friends who use their learning advantage to make a real difference in their lives.

Your child can go from a learning “daze” to getting A’s in a matter of a few weeks, rather than years.

No drama necessary.

Daydreaming about terrific grades won’t work.

What you need is a proven strategy and blueprint, a community to support you, and a mentor who has an amazing track record helping students like you get the results they want in school.

Hi, I’m Pat Wyman, mom of two kids, learning expert, university instructor, author, and founder of HowtoLearn.com. As a parent, I know that you want your child to be part of the happiest and highest achieving students. The bottom line – You want them to come home with report cards showing A’s and B’s. Don’t we all? I wanted that when my kids began school too, yet, was truly surprised when their teachers told me they had a couple of learning challenges I was not prepared for.

But I’m happy to share that I discovered the solutions to their challenges and today, my daughter is a doctor and my son is a college graduate, working for Child Protective Services.

This is my daughter, Erin, who is a Doctor, saving babies’ lives and helping sick children. She is a Neonatologist.

Erin was told to repeat the 1st grade due to Reading Problems! 

When she was in the first grade, her teacher called me in and told me to have her repeat the first grade due to “reading problems”. Turns out, Erin’s reading problems were nothing I received any training about from USC, which is where I got my reading specialist credential. However, gratefully, I searched until I found the answers to her reading problems, she did not have to repeat the first grade and they were solved.

I share how to diagnose and solve your child’s reading problems very specifically in the How to Win the School Game Course.

This is my son, J.P. and he is a college graduate who works for Child Protective Services.

 J.P. was told he had ADHD and he also has Dysgraphia. 

In the How to Win the School Game Course I will show you how we handled both and what good things happened after that! In addition, through my books, personalized learning assessments and solutions blueprints, and online coaching courses, I’ve helped thousands of kids all over the world to achieve higher grades, and be happier, productive learners.


So What are The Two Things that Make the Most Difference in Your Child’s Grades?

They are knowing ‘how to learn’ and understanding the real reasons that your child may be struggling in school (how to remove those roadblocks).

To get the information you need, do these three things:

  • Take the free personal learning styles inventory on the home page (top left corner)
  • E-mail me, using the contact form at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment for a free 15 minute consultation to see if the Personalized Learning Assessment is right for your child
  • Check out the How to Win the School Game course to find out all the learning strategies your child’s needs to succeed in school.

What Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know About How Learning and Testing

Did you know that school only caters to one kind of learner? Did you also know that if your child does not naturally learn in the same style in which they are tested in school, then school is really tough for them? Basically, there is a mis-match between how they learn and how they are tested.

Solve the Mis-Match Between Learning and Testing

Most tests in school are in writing – yes? Well, if your child happens to learn best by listening or through more ‘hands-on’ methods, then they don’t know ‘how to learn’ in order to pass those written tests. Think of it this way: Kids who get the A’s tend to think in pictures – they are what we call high visual learners.. And, as every teacher will tell you, high visual learners are neat, organized, both think and recall things in pictures. And, the truth is neuroscience tells us that thinking in pictures is a few thousand times faster to recall material on a written test than hearing the words you studied in your mind or “feeling” your way through the material. Makes sense right?

So, What Would Happen If Your Child Knew How to Learn and ‘Add Just this One Learning Style “hack” to their Study and Recall Strategies?

Well, the first thing is you’d start seeing them as part of be a part of the highest achievement group – their grades go up, reading gets easier because they know how to recall things in pictures instead of sounds or feelings, and you’d be a very proud parent.


See what others are saying…

“My daughter, Katie, was really suffering in school. She had reading problems and although we had taken her to several specialists, everyone just said she was bright, but not achieving to her potential. Then a friend told me about the Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint.

We learned that Katie simply did not see the page the way other kids did, and her eyes were not working well together as a team. We got the colored overlays in the I Read I Succeed Vision Fitness Kit that Pat recommended and after doing the exercises, I am proud to say, Katie quickly caught up and even began to read above grade level. We followed all the other strategies in the book and used the booklets, and Katie graduated, with high honors, from high school! Today, she has her Psy.D as a Psychologist. Thank you Pat is not enough for what you’ve done for my daughter. Her whole life has changed, she is happy and achieved her dreams, all because your love for children blessed our lives. God Bless you.”

Ann Langley, Ph.D.

Redwood City, CA

I used the strategies in your How to Win the School Game program from grade 3 all the way through graduate school to achieve my dream of getting a doctorate.
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your sweet card and very thoughtful photo and tassel frame after you received my graduation invitation.
You are definitely the miracle behind my success and I really want to thank you for helping me and believing in me from the very beginning…With your help, I was able to clear out my learning roadblocks and get the doctorate I always wanted.

Katie Langley, Psy. D.

“I was failing one of my courses and if I took it again and did not pass, I would not graduate to become a first assistant surgical tech. Pat’s Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint showed me exactly what to do, how to learn and strengthen my memory of complex medical concepts.

I passed the exam as soon as I understood what really created my struggles in the first place! Today, I’m working in a very prestigious hospital all because I asked for, and got precisely the type of help that cannot be found anyplace else.”

What’s more, she did the very same thing for my daughter and now she’s got a terrific report card ! I don’t know what we would have done if we had not found Pat Wyman’s Personalized Learning Assessment and Solutions Blueprint. Thank you!

J. Simpson


Not only has Pat helped my own children, she has helped thousands of others through our work on Homeschool.com. These classes will make learning and getting good grades so much easier for your child. The strategies will help your child now, in high school, and in college.”

Rebecca Kochenderfer

Author, The Joy Journal and co-founder of Homeschool.com

It is because of Pat’s insight, caring and real results, that my son Brandon will no longer have to struggle like he has since the second grade. From the minute I met Pat, she immediately knew what to do to help my son, and we did it. Brandon was successful the first week and all the years thereafter! After taking this course, an implementing the strategies, it was the first time he actually experienced success. His self-esteem skyrocketed. If your child struggles in any way in school, I know these classes will result in the changes you want — quickly.
Thank you Pat. I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t met you when we did.”

Maria Lua

Parent, Santa Rosa, CA

Pat Wyman’s How To Win the School Game coaching program is the missing link to helping students reach their highest learning potential.
Being a pediatric occupational therapist, I have used other programs before, but we did not see results for months.
Pat’s program IMMEDIATELY helped my daughter develop strategies to remember math facts, stay organized and manage her time better. I am truly grateful for Pat’s warmth, motivating teaching style and highly effective strategies.
If you want your child to truly succeed, then Pat Wyman’s coaching program is for you.

Debbie Milam

Parent and author of A Moment of Peace: Stress Reduction for Children

  • Next, you’d be proud to talk about your kid’s grades with your friends and family.
  • Finally, your child would have the momentum and motivation they need to keep going – and things will only get better from there.

Here are the next steps:

Then, if your child has learning roadblocks such as struggles in reading or other areas, and you’ve not been able to solve them previously, email me  (use the contact form at the bottom of the page) and we will schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss this more and whether a Personalized Learning Assessment is the right solution for you and your child.