Planeteers Education Edition Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Planeteers Education Edition wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from


Planeteers Education Edition Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Our Parent and Teacher Choice Team honors both the FREE home edition of Planeteers and the Planeteers Education Edition and Dashboard with the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Providing kids STEAM Education in the classroom is essential to 21st century learning and we love this app with brain-based learning elements!

The Planeteers Education Edition and Dashboard from is an award-winning game-based learning platform for elementary students in grades 3-6.

Learners explore a newfound planet for answers to help restore their depleted home world.

They work to unravel the Planet’s secrets with their trusty intergalactic companion Socket. Children discover and combine new elements to craft and build components for mission critical habitats, machines, vehicles, and robot helpers.

Inside the Planeteers Education Edition new challenges abound across different continents, each with distinct climates, ecosystems, plants and animals. Learners play within an intergalactic sandbox adventure, where anything is possible.

The fully featured version of Planeteers Education Edition complete with Teachers Dashboard is free to download and in a subsequent year, a premium subscription option will be introduced as an enhancement to the free version, and include new quests and projects, and new planets to explore!

The game capitalizes on what children love doing most: playing games!

While learners are playing, they are completing scaffolded quests aimed at delivering STEAM skills and identities, including 21C skills and critical future job skills like coding, robotics and innovation.

Players can play through story mode completing quests that aim to develop incremental skills, and also use the game’s free-form sandbox mode to create all kinds of autonomous or teacher guided virtual maker space projects, limited only by their imagination.

The game includes a powerful Teachers Dashboard which gives teachers insights into class and student analytics, activity focus, progress, and achievements.

To summarize, the Planeteers game-based learning platform’s key educational features include:

1. Highly engaging 3D educational sandbox with scaffolded story driven quests mapped to a STEAM Learning continuum/Curriculum

2. Teaches open ended STEAM concepts and activities

3. Supports a mix of inquiry and project-based learning activities

4. Provides simulated environments to explore real world phenomenon 5. Teaches design, innovation, problem solving, robotics and coding skills

6. Provides learners with the opportunity to tinker, explore and experiment

7. Develops 21C skills, including critical thinking, persistence and nurtures curiosity

8. Engages learners through positive play and educational gaming!

9. Includes comprehensive Coding and Robotics curriculums

10. Includes gamified quizzes to test mastery and a comprehensive badge and achievement system to motivate and reward players

11. Provides Teacher insights via a powerful Teachers Dashboard with class management and analytics that reports on learner achievements and progress for class and students.

12. Includes a comprehensive Teachers Kit with supporting materials, sample lesson plans and units of work, online professional development course and tutorial videos, a support portal and knowledgebase.

The Planeteers game-based learning platform has demonstrated five key advantages for teachers that have been observed in the field, through teacher feedback, and student feedback:

  1. Supercharges student engagement and improves concentration
  2. Provides a very flexible and feature rich virtual maker space/sandbox for teaching STEAM, coding, robotics and 21C skills that’s extremely cost effective and saves teachers from having to learn multiple products and tools in being able to provide the same teaching opportunities
  3. Builds teacher’s confidence in delivering STEAM via training and the scaffolded STEAM Learning continuum (that includes 100’s of projects)
  4. Provides important insights on students learning, and learning outcomes via the connected Teacher’s Dashboard and analytics
  5. Encourages 21C skills including teamwork

Planeteers Education Edition is unanimously chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team.

CLICK HERE to download the Planeteers Education Edition.

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