Planeteers Game Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Planeteers Game Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

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Planeteers game wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Planeteers Game Home Edition software game is the gold medal winner of the 2019 Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Want to empower your kids, ages 7-12, with STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts and Math) education at home?

Once you download the Planeteers Home Game App to your computer be prepared for a wonderful journey through STEAM that kids will love and learn from at the same time!

Planeteers Game Home Edition is FREE to download and kids get to explore a new planet for answers to help restore their home planet which has been depleted.

Anything is possible and your kids get to use their creativity, as well as learn essential skills such as coding, robotics and innovation.

Planeteers home based software game, capitalizes on what children love doing most: playing games!

While learners are playing, they are exposed to open-ended STEAM concepts and activities and develop 21C skills that prepare them for their future in school and their career.

Your child can work in the maker lab,  receive builder tools for engineering projects, build robots, and vehicles for exploration and so much more!

Students see simulated environments, and learn facts about the environment on their new planet, the animals there, plus there are gamified quizzes and badges to continue to motivate them to learn even more.

Players can play through story mode completing quests that aim to develop incremental skills, and also use the game’s free-forms and box mode to create all kinds of virtual maker space projects, limited only by their imagination.

One of our favorite parts about this game is that, during a time of significant climate change in the world, kids get to learn about resource management, and sustainability concepts.

Our Parent and Teacher Choice also appreciates that there is a parent dashboard so that you can get an overview of what your child loves and focuses on the most, along with their progress and achievements.

The  will give you insight into your child’s true interest in all the aspects of STEAM education and inspires closer family connections as you discuss their interests.

Bravo Planeteers Game! Planeteers Game Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Planeteers Game Home Edition is the unanimous choice of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award team from

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