Prodigy English Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Prodigy English Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Gold Medal Winner

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Prodigy English

Grammar and English practice anyone?

Your child or student may not be all that keen about learning about English and English grammar but that’s where Prodigy English for kids in grades 1-5 comes in to save the day!

Open a free or paid subscription at Prodigy English and your child will not only have fun playing the game but strengthens their skills as they learn about English and grammar along the way.

No more boring English grammar drills ever again!

Our Parent and Teacher Choice Team at loves the personalization inside this game.

First, your child chooses their character – eye color, hair, nose, mouth, outfit, accessories such as glasses and more, and then, as they build their village, they answer questions to earn points, gifts, wishcoins, tools, etc. so they can continue to create something extraordinary!

The entire game allows your child to learn at their own pace and should you choose, you can override their grade level depending on their individual progress.

The concept of working together to build their village with characters they encounter, such as Wishie from the wishing well, teaches more than English too. Your child learns about responsibility, cooperation, short and long term planning and much more.

After working for a while, your child will run low on energy and the more questions related to English such as word connotations and grammar they answer correctly, the more they restore their energy and earn more time to create.

If your child or student answers a question correctly they receive applause, rewards and encouraging words such as, “Learning is your superpower.”

Our team always pays close attention to how incorrect answers are handled and we are thrilled to see that Prodigy encourages kids by telling them their answer is incorrect, and then includes language such as, “When you work hard on something, your brain gets smarter.”

This motivates children to continue on their journey to build the best village they can, teaching yet another concept of doing your best in every task.

Full Actionable Dashboard for Parents and Teachers

For teachers and parents Prodigy English is always boosting your child’s skills with actionable learning items because the dashboard is:

  • Aligned with common core
  • Contains in-game assessments so your child barely notices they are being quizzed on their skills
  • Has real-time reports for both parents and teachers, so you can see at a glance what skills your child knows and which need strengthening and more…

Ready to discover a fun and easy way for your child to practice their English skills that will have them begging you to play?

Prodigy English is our unanimous choice and wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

You worked very hard to make your product one that makes a difference in children’s lives so share it with over 2 million visitors.

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