Prodigy Math Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Prodigy Math Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Gold Medal Winner

Website, Educational Game


Prodigy Math is one of the most highly motivating and engaging programs our Parent and Teacher Choice Awards have ever evaluated.

This free or subscription based game for kids in grades 1-8 will have your child coming back for more math practice every day.

Right from the start, Prodigy’s mission to help every child love learning is not just a statement – it plays out in everything they do to help make math a skill your child will truly enjoy!

In Prodigy Math not only are the games Common Core curriculum aligned, inside the dashboard, both parents and teachers will be thrilled with the full gammit of reporting and actionable information.

Once your child gets their own login, let the fun and learning begin. Your child sets a very managable goal for mastery of a certain number of math problems, then everything is personalized.

Immediately they have two choices: play the at home version or the school version. (They also get to choose whether they want to learn math or English).

The at home version has daily prizes, exclusive items, customize character, and is free.

The at school version has limited items, locked zones and is also free to play.

Verbal and Written Directions Help Enhance Memory

One of the first things our Parent and Teacher Choice Team noticed is that the instructions and the game include both auditory and written directions.

As proponents of the “how” that enhances your child’s memory, doing this takes advantage of what is called Dual Coding – a proven strategy to improve memory because the two modalities cover a larger surface area of the brain and allow your child more access to retrieve information.

So kuddos to Prodigy Math!

Heading into the game, your child customizes the wizard which is a boy or a girl – hair, eyes, skin color and more.

They get to choose the world they play in and there is a talking guide who they will love!

Once they enter their name, it always appears above their head during the games so it is self-motivating.

Of course correct answers get applause and goodies – badges, wishcoins, gifts and much more, but our team always keeps an eye on what happens if an answer is incorrect.

Voila – your child gets a hint and ultimately gets to view the correct answer as well. As your child goes along, everything is self-paced for which we give another thumbs up!

If you choose the subscription based program, your child gets access to so much more, including videos to practice their math! More badges, gifts, goodies, on and on – just picture the smile on their face!

Plus, and we can’t say this enough- no more homework hassles! Are you in?

Parents and teachers listen up! Prodigy has a dream monitoring system every parent and teacher will love!

You can check goal progress, see practice areas, comparison insights, know precisely at a glance just where your child is, what they’ve mastered and where they might need more practice.

As soon as you sign up, you get to choose your country and individual state curriculum – how’s that for personalization?

Teachers can assign and see progress and what needs to improve as well as align their lesson plans with the game adventures.

From start to finish this is an exceptional kid, parent and school friendly site. It’s a site your child will beg you to “learn” their math every day. We did say it was a parent’s dream right?

What’s more, parents get emails noting their child’s strongest skills or need more practice. OK enough said – we love this site!

Prodigy Math is our unanimous choice and wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

You worked very hard to make your product one that makes a difference in children’s lives so share it with over 2 million visitors.

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