The 101 Best Remedies for Your Child’s ADD/ADHD

The 101 Best Remedies for Your Child’s ADD / ADHD


Three Essential E-Books

  • Boost Memory and Concentration
  • Improve Grades and Test-Scores
  • Increase Your Child’s  Attention-Span
  • Create A Happy and Peaceful Home Life!

Does Your Child Struggle With ADD / ADHD

My son, J.P., did… and 5 million other kids do too. And because of this, I scoured the planet for answers. I spent years solving the heartaches, learning issues, homework struggles, behavioral problems, forgetfulness, and plain old, jaw clenching, exasperating everyday frustrations!

As a teacher of nearly every grade, a tutor, a reading specialist, school administrator, university instructor, author and learning center Director, I’ve spent my life coaching thousands of students “labeled” with attention deficit disorders of all kinds. I have to admit – this motivated me even more to find, create and implement, real-life, practical solutions to the AD(H)D dilemma.

Proven Discoveries That Will Help Your Child

Here’s what I’ve discovered over the past 25 years of research, real-life involvement, teaching and writing books about AD(H)D solutions:

  • AD(H)D could really be something else in disguise (Find out by checking the chart below)
  • The latest medical research says – Psycho-stimulant drugs do not raise grade levels (Don’t miss the latest Journal of Family Practice medical study cited below)
  • Changing your child’s diet can improve learning, memory and behavior
  • Undetected vision problems may create attention disorder symptoms
  • How your child uses his or her personal learning style is key to solving attention disorders


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A Multi-Modal Approach
Is The Only Real Solution

These combined strategies, The 101 Best Remedies, are the proven, simple-to-use solutions that really work. If you honestly want to help your child, keep reading…

The 4 Primary Reasons for
Your Child’s Learning Problems

As you begin finding solutions that really work, keep in mind that years of research and teaching experience reveal that the overwhelming majority of learning disabilities, Attention Deficits or ?At Risk? student learning problems are basically the result of only four things:

  • Learning Styles: a mis-match between the style your child or student learns in (visual, auditory or kinesthetic) and the style in which he/she is tested (mostly visual). This mis-match may cause problems in reading, learning math facts, spelling, vocabulary, memory, reading comprehension and study skills.
  • Vision and Perception: undetected eyesight or visual perception problems may cause reading and writing difficulties, low self-esteem, and even affect your child’s ability to participate in sports.
  • Nutrition: nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and low levels of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids can masquerade as learning disability/behavioral symptoms.
  • Auditory Perception Problems: the inability to hear various sounds or auditory figure ground problems (the inability to hear the words one person speaks when there is other background noise in the room), may make it appear as though your child cannot pay attention.

Although other factors such as autism, hearing difficulties, severe emotional distress or organic brain dysfunction may be at the root of a smaller number of learning problems, the vast majority of children respond with overwhelming success when the four primary reasons listed above are addressed.

Could Your Child’s ADD / ADHD
Be Something Else In Disguise?

Look at the symptoms in the chart below. Then look at the possible reasons for these symptoms in the five columns to the right of these symptoms.

This information may remind you that your child’s Attention Deficit Disorder Diagnosis, may be something else entirely.

Symptoms AD(H)D
& Smith)
Under 7
Inattention (at least 6 necessary)
Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakesXXXX
Often does not listen when spoken to directlyXXXX
Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or playing activitiesXXXXX
Often does not follow through on instructions or fails to finish workXXXXX
Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activitiesXXXXX
Often avoids, dislikes or is reluctant to engage in tasks requiring sustained mental effortXXXXX
Often loses thingsXXXXX
Often distracted by extraneous stimuliXXXXX
Often forgetful in daily activitiesXXXX
Hyperactivity and Impulsivity (at least 6 necessary)
Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seatXXXXX
Often has difficulty remaining seated when required to do soXXXXX
Often runs or climbs excessivelyXXXX
Often has difficulty playing quietlyXXX
Often “on the go”XXXX
Often talks excessivelyXXXX
Often blurts out answers to questions before they have been completedXXXX
Often has difficulty awaiting turnXXXXX
Often interrupts or intrudes on othersXXXXX

** This Table is Printed with Permission from the Optometric Extension Foundation

Have you discovered that your child’s attention disorder may be the result of something else?
If so… Keep Reading

Each year, thousands more children are added to the ever-growing list of “learning disabled” children. In addition, current statistics from a Mayo Clinic study show that children between 5 and 19 have at least a 7.5% chance of being found to have ADD / ADHD, which amounts to nearly 5 million kids. (Time Magazine, November 3, 2003)

What is even more startling is that millions of these children are prescribed mind-altering, stimulant drugs like Ritalin or Dexedrine as a panacea for behavior problems or to “help them learn”.

Sadly, studies on the ability of these drugs to truly increase learning, tell us that academic improvement is often short lived. Although students become more compliant and may follow the rules better, many also suffer from serious side effects and the challenge of drug abuse issues.

Study Shows That
Psychostimulant Drugs Do Not Improve Grades

According to a study in Vol. 52, No. 8, August 2003 Journal of Family Practice, psycostimulant drugs did not improve grades. Louis McCormick, M.D., from Franklin, Louisiana, wrote: “While psychostimulants showed a short-term decrease in symptoms, they did not improve grades.”

If you are a parent researching stimulant drugs to control your child’s attention disorder, consider this first:

Many parents and teachers who have students using stimulant drugs report to their doctors that their children become robotic, spacey, listless, anxious and emotionless. They often lose their appetite, lose too much weight, develop nausea, stomach aches, headaches, facial tics, insomnia and depressive states. Some children even become suicidal. A major authoritative listing on all drugs, The Physicians Desk Reference, lists more than 25 adverse reactions from the use of Ritalin alone.

In addition to the side effects, another big danger is the abuse potential of these drugs. Comments made by a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) representative during the Conference of “Stimulant Use In The Treatment of AD(H)D” in San Antonio, Texas in December, 1996, shows “that there has been a 1,000% increase in drug abuse injury reports involving methylphenidate (Ritalin) for children in the 10-14 year age group. This now equals or exceeds reports for the same age group involving cocaine.

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The 101 Best Remedies for Your Child’s ADD / ADHD

  • Boost Memory and Concentration
  • Improve Grades and Test-Scores
  • Increase Your Child’s Attention-Span
  • Create A Happy and Peaceful Home Life!

    If you are searching for proven ways to help your child learn more easily and naturally, the 101 Best Remedies for Your Child’s ADD / ADHD contains specific strategies to remedy all kinds of learning and behavior challenges.

    Three best selling authors join together
    to help you create a lifetime of learning success for your child.

    Pat Wyman, M.A., “America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert”, is an Instructor of Continuing Education at California State University, East Bay in Hayward, CA. She is also the best-selling author of Learning vs Testing, and the founder of which shows parents, teachers, students, employees, and adult learners how to cut learning time in half, improve memory and reading.

    Ms. Wyman conducts trainings for teachers, parents and corporations nationwide and has collected data from over 200,000 students whose grades were raised to “A’s” and “B’s” after using her Instant Learning ®learning strategies system from her “Super Teaching Strategies” trainings and video courses.

    Pat is also the author of numerous other books, including: What’s Food Got To Do With It? – 101 Natural Remedies for Learning Disabilities, and the Instant Learning ® book series, including Instant Learning ®for Amazing Grades.

    These books put parents, teachers, students and adults learners in the driver’s seat. They give you practical, easy-to-use strategies, resulting in A’s and B’s on your child’s written tests, improve memory and concentration, and provide a more peaceful home-life. Pat has studied the effect of nutrition and learning for over 25 years and has frequently contributed newspaper and magazine articles, radio and TV interviews about learning styles and learning how to learn anything fast.

    Sandra Hills, N.D., is a Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of the American Nutrition Society for Northern California. She is also the co-author of An Outline to Nutrition and Smart Foods, Smart Kids, Eat Your Way to Greater Brain Power.

    She has researched the relationship between learning disabilities and nutrition for over 30 years and is a nationally recognized lecturer and researcher. Dr. Hills had her own television program in Contra Costa County on nutrition and has frequently appeared on radio and television programs related to nutrition.

    Lisa Simmons has 17 years experience in the fields of developmental disabilities, long-term care, and family advocacy. She is a teacher, certified Education Advocate, trained Quality Management Facilitator and Qualified Mental Retardation Professional.

    Ms. Simmons has also completed training in Essential Lifestyle Planning, dispute resolution, leadership skills, creative problem solving and innovative management techniques in the workplace.

    Over the last decade, Lisa has spoken on special needs topics at regional and national conferences across the country. She has also written several informational reports and e-books geared specifically to the needs of parents, educators and disability professionals.

    Ms. Simmons is an expert on the website.

    Your Personal Coaches

    Consider these best selling authors as your personal learning coaches. Their expertise is like gold to you and your child, and you will receive one of a kind essential and easy-to-use strategies.

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    The 101 Best Remedies for Your Child’s ADD / ADHD

    • Boost Memory and Concentration
    • Improve Grades and Test-Scores
    • Increase Your Child’s Attention-Span
    • Create A Happy and Peaceful Home Life!

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    101 Best Remedies for Your Child’s ADD / ADHD

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    “Before any parent allows a child to be put on medication for a learning or behavioral problem, they should be aware of the alternatives in this package. By conscientiously using this information, attention deficit and hyperactivity problems can be greatly relieved without drugs or labels.”
    Ronald D. Davis,
    Author of “The Gift of Dyslexia”

    Insure Your Child’s Success
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    1) What’s Food Got To Do With It? – 101 Natural Remedies for Learning Disabilities

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    • Improve memory, concentration and test scores
    • Identify and eliminate the hidden food sensitivities which can create learning disability symptoms
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    3)   Success Strategies for Special Education

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    • Understand behavior problems and know how to solve them
    • 10 things every parent should know about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
    • How eligibility for special education services is determined and what you can do to improve your child’s chances to qualify
    • A 4-step process any parent can use to make sure that their child doesn’t receive unnecessary medication

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    Pat Wyman, M.A.