Instant Learning® For Amazing Grades E-Book Download

Instant Learning® For Amazing Grades E-book Download

E-book by Pat Wyman

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Personal Learning Style Inventory    Redeem Now

Find out how you learn your best.

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Eye-Q Reading Inventory Redeem Now

Solve reading problems by finding out how the world looks through your child’s eyes. If you’ve tried everything imaginable to figure out why your child isn’t reading at grade level, doesn’t like to read, or seems to struggle in any way while reading, here is the one item that will finally tell you why your child struggles in reading and what to do about it.

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Ask Pat Wyman: Answers To The Top 21 Questions About How To Help Your Child Get Higher Grades Listen Now…

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6

Pat Wyman90 Minute Interview with Pat Wyman, America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, answering the top 21 questions that parents and teachers have about how to help their child get higher grades. Includes tips on motivation, eliminating test-taking anxiety, reading improvement, how to raise spelling grades, and much more. Full of proven tips and easy to use strategies to help your child.

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Teaching The Success Principles: How Students Get From Where They Are to Where They Want to Be Redeem Now

E-Book Companion Guide by Jack Canfield

Teaching the Success PrinciplesThis 60-page e-book companion guide for parents and teachers includes Success Principles and exercises that will help students increase their self-esteem, learn to get along with fellow students and siblings, increase enthusiasm for learning, and create more success in their life. A great tool to use in the classroom or at home.


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The Top 100 Educational Websites on the Web AND The 5 Homeschooling Secrets That Will Help Your Child Succeed In School Special Report Redeem Now

By Rebecca Kochenderfer

Rebecca KochenderferRebecca Kochenderfer, Author and Founder of, compiled a resource that every parent and teacher needs. The top 100 educational websites include resources such as: worksheets for math practice at home; creative writing and art projects; and free printable books for early to fluent readers. This item is a must have for your child. Rebecca’s article on the 5 Homeschooling Secrets is one that will teach your child or student how to learn for a lifetime! It is truly priceless.


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The Power of Positive Habits – 3 Week E-Course Redeem Now

By Dan Robey

The Power of Positive HabitsThis amazing three-week e-course will show you how you can literally reach your goals automatically! Imagine being able to achieve more – automatically; improve your health – automatically; motivate yourself – automatically, and more.


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Three Exclusive Articles By Frank Barnhill, M.D.:    Redeem Now

1) What Your Doctor Absolutely Needs To Know To Evaluate Your ADHD Child’s Treatment Progress

2) Building Self-Esteem In Your Child (Without Interfering With His Or Her Natural Behavioral Growth)

3) Why Should We Treat ADHD? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

Dr. Huggie BearFrank Barnhill, M.D. is one of America’s foremost ADD/ADHD experts. He is the founder of, and provides practical and exceptional advice, which is like having a doctor at the click of a mouse. His resource articles, both in this free bonus and on his website, will save you thousands of dollars in medical fees and gives you the final word on how to help your child and determine whether he or she has ADD/ADHD, how to treat it properly, and how to find out whether the treatment is working. Dr. Barnhill is a highly sought after seminar presenter and maintains a large family medical practice in South Carolina.



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Quantum Learning Network 8 Keys of Excellence Video Redeem Now

By Bobbi DePorter

Quantum Learning Network 8 Keys of ExcellenceIf you have ever belonged to a group that shared your principles, you may have noticed the feeling of teamwork, the spirit of the organization, and the way all members pull together to achieve a common goal. The 8 Keys of Excellence studied successful people and identified and presented the traits they share. This video is a unique presentation of those traits, that you can share with your children. Bobbi DePorter is best selling author of Quantum Learning, Quantum Teaching, and the facilitator of SuperCamp, which has positively affected the lives of over 32,000 children. You can find out more at


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Quick and Easy Ways to Connect with Students and Their Parents – Companion Calendar Redeem Now

By Diane Mierzwik

Quick and Easy Ways to Connect With Students and Their ParentsDiane Mierzwik, author of Quick and Easy Ways To Connect With Students and Their Parents and founder of has a very helpful month at a glance calendar with inspirational quotes and reminders about the easy things you can do each day to make connections with students and their parents. These connections build better home-school relations and promote higher student achievement.


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Letters to the Teacher – Practical Suggestions To Facilitate Teacher/Parent Communication E-Book Redeem Now

By Kayla Fay

Letters to the TeacherThis e-book includes examples and templates of notes to and from teachers. Kayla Fay is the founder of dedicated to practical tips on life with ADHD/inattentive kids. Her creative newsletter, “Who Put The Ketchup In The Medicine Cabinet?” as well as the practical tips included in Letters To The Teacher will help every parent who has a child with ADHD.


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Can I help your child get A’s and B’s, and help you get a more peaceful homelife?

The only way to really find out is to try everything in my book entirely at my risk. Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades E-book comes with a 100% no-questions asked, risk-free money-back guarantee for 60 days. I personally guarantee that you’ve never heard or read anything like it.

If your child isn’t getting higher grades by honestly following the 14 day plan inside, and you aren’t feeling happier with your child’s progress after downloading the E-book, simply contact us and we’ll cheerfully refund your purchase and you still get to keep all the bonus resource items.


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