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Personal Learning Styles Inventory

Corporate Site License

Use the inventory in your company to:

  • Cut Training Costs
  • Increase Employee Training Efficiency!
  • Improve Communication Between Staff!
  • Create employee “Dream Teams” with
    unique learning & thinking strengths
  • Improve the memory of your entire staff!
  • Significantly Reduce Workplace Stress!
  • Eliminate Manager-Employee Misunderstandings!
  • Maximize re-training on new positions and new technology!

Imagine how much more effective your employee training process would be if you knew exactly “how” each employee’s memory worked best.

What would happen to your bottom line if your new employees were 100% sure that they could do their duties without question?

Use the Personal Learning Styles Inventory to train ALL your employees, and know exactly how each employee learns and remembers important information about:

  • Schedules & Meetings
  • Efficient Salesmanship Techniques
  • Personal Duties & Requirements
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Flexible Work Methods
  • Equipment Use & Procedures
  • Proper Record Keeping


Accelerated Learning is the Result! Watch your Gross Profits SOAR with 100% Employee Retention!

Here’s why…

Each employee learns “how to learn best” and not just “what to learn”…

The result is higher self-esteem and the ability to be more flexible in their individual duties in your company. In other words, they can learn different duties faster and prevent you from needing to hire more employees. One of the most devastating problems that nearly every business experiences is the necessity to keep hiring new employees and spending countless hours training new employees…

Just so 6 months later they STILL have no idea what they are supposed to do!

The Magic of Employee Retention and Employee Creativity and Comprehension

Experts have struggled with the problems of retaining employees for years.

Businesses in every corner of the world are struggling to keep good employees who contribute to the company’s growth, work well in teams, and learn and implement new information faster.

Constant news flashes about the increasing unemployement rates have been parading across television networks for years, and it WASN’T GETTING BETTER…

Until Now!

The Personal Learning Style Inventory allows you to determine the preferred learning style of each employee and therefore allows you to communicate to them exactly what you need in such a way that they are guaranteed to remember!

Did you know that most job-related stress is attributed to miscommunication between employees and managers?

When your employees feel that they are not appreciated, they are having difficulty understanding how to do the task asked of them.

Likewise, when your managers and executives feel as if they have not been heard, they are having difficulty conveying their requests to the respective employee!

Knowing EXACTLY how to speak to each individual will ELIMINATE this problem FOREVER!

When you purchase the Learning Style Inventory
Site License you receive:

  • Annually Renewable Corporate Site License so you can make unlimited hard copies of the Inventory and Scoring Key to distribute to your trainers and staff each year. There is one single, lannual fee regardless of the number of employee’s you have. (Most inventories charge per employee; we’ve created a much fairer way of helping your company save money and benefit your employees).
  • Your annually renewable site license also allows you to place the Personal Learning Styles Inventory on your company’s password-protected Local Area Network / Intranet system, to allow easy access and automatic scoring for your entire company! Merill Lynch has taken advantage of this exclusive option and it has saved them HOURS of employee trainer time.
  • A full hour of phone support from America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, Pat Wyman. ($350.00 Value)   Additional staff training and coaching/consulting is also available.

Order the Personal Learning Styles Inventory and Scoring Key Now. We will send you the license agreement contract. Fax or Mail the contract to us and you will immediately receive the Personal Learning Styles Inventory and Scoring Key in your e-mail. The remaining materials will be mailed to the address you list on your contract.

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