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Personal Learning Styles Inventory

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Use the inventory in your school to:

    • Find Out How Your Students Learn Best
    • Raise Your Students’ Grades
    • Increase Standardized Test Scores
    • Improve Your Students’ Self-Esteem
    • Empower Your Students by Matching Learning and Testing Styles


Imagine how much higher your student grades and test scores would be if you knew exactly “how” your students learned and “how” they could optimize their memory during written tests?

What would happen to their grades if you could show them how to add learning strategies to their existing personal learning style that matched the visual, written testing style that nearly every school uses to assess student progress?

Personal Student Empowerment is the result!

Grades and Test Scores go through the roof!

Here’s why?

Did you know that most written testing caters to only one kind of learner – and that’s the visual student?

These students think in pictures, and retrieve information they have learned in picture form.

Brain research says picture recall is faster and more efficient than any other when taking written tests. (Just ask any classroom teacher or school administrator and check the percentages of A’s in any classroom. The visual student learners are the ones getting the highest percentage of A’s!

However, many of your students are not visual learners. More than half of them learn by listening or through tactile, kinesthetic methods. Long term research shows that these students typically get the lowest grades.

Why? It is not because they are lazy or unmotivated – it is simply because there is a mis-match between how they learn and how they are tested.

The Personal Learning Styles Inventory tells you how your students learn and then provides specific books and video instruction that shows you how to empower them with additional learning strategies proven to raise their grades and their self-esteem. Teachers, parents and students are happier and everyone wins.

As you read this information, you will join the thousands of other schools who now use the Personal Learning Styles Inventory to help their students get higher grades!

When your school purchases the Personal Learning Styles Inventory Site License you may use it in two different ways:

  • Annually Renewable School Site License so you can make unlimited hard copies of the Inventory and Scoring Key to distribute to your staff and students each year. There is one low annual fee regardless of the number of students at your school. (Most inventories charge by the student; we’ve created a much fairer way of helping your school save money and benefit your students).
  • Place the inventory on your school’s website with password protection and utilize it from the site for your school’s students.
  • Five free copies of the best-selling book, Amazing Grades:101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster. This book provides proven strategies that over 100,000 students have used to raise their grades and standardized test scores in every subject are.
  • One FREE video course called Super Teaching Strategies ($189.95 value), that contains four 2-hour videos plus a course manual showing Pat Wyman, M.A., Instructor of Education, teaching teachers how to improve their student test results NOW! This is a course that may also be taken for 3 semester academic unit credits (continuing education) with an additional fee to the university.
  • A full hour of phone support from America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, Pat Wyman. Additional staff in-service training is also available.

Call 707 837 8180 for a price quote.

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