Learning vs. Testing

Learning vs Testing: Strategies That Bridge the Gap Between Learning Styles & Test Taking Success

Learning vs. Testing:
Strategies That Bridge the Gap Between Learning Styles & Test Taking Success

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  • Do You Want Higher Grades For Your Child or Student In
    As Little As 14 Days?
  • How About To Cut Learning Time By As Much As Half?

Use The Proven Strategies In The 3 Time Best Selling Book, Learning vs. Testing, Strategies That Bridge The Gap Between Learning Styles & Test Taking Success

Are you serious about your child’s or students’
success in school and at home?

Learning vs. Testing, Strategies That Bridge The Gap Between Learning Styles and Test Taking Success is a 3 time best selling book which has helped over 300,000 children raise their grades and test scores.

You can cut learning time in half, and even raise your child’s grades in as little as 14 days using the strategies in this book!

Do you want to:

  • Stop the homework hassles?
  • Quit fighting with your child about things like spelling, reading, math facts, vocabulary and more?
  • Know how to help your child or student cut learning time, literally in half?
  • Teach your child or student easy learning skills that last for a lifetime?

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One person, who experienced great success with the Learning vs. Testing strategies, has made a large contribution which makes it possible for every parent, family member and teacher to afford this easy to use, and proven book to give their child the strategies they need to succeed in school now, and for lifelong learning.

Learning vs. Testing has been featured on radio, T.V. and in the Washington Post, Nick Jr. Family Magazine, Woman’s World and Family Circle Magazine among others.

Praise For Learning Vs. Testing

“Once in a while a new book appears that makes a major contribution to our understanding of how children learn and how we can empower them to become successful, self-sufficient, lifelong learners. This is a book you will want to keep as a standard and use the strategies both at school and at home. It will transform the life of every child it touches.”
— Colin Rose, Bestselling author of Accelerated Learning For The 21st Century

“If you are concerned with helping children succeed, read this book. The information is important, compassionate, and in tune with children’s desire to be the best they can be.” — Thomas Hartmann, Author of Thom Hartmann’s Complete Guide To ADHD

“I use the visual exercises with my class on a regular basis, and they literally beg me for more. I’m sure Pat Wyman’s strategies helped the fourth graders at our school get the highest standardized math test scores in the entire state!”
— W. Powell, Teacher

“If you’re paying high prices for tutoring, you may want to reconsider. This book saved us thousands of dollars because the strategies were so easy to use, and they work! Our son went from C’s and D’s To A’s!”
— M. Lua, Parent

The easy to use, proven strategies help your child understand how to use their personal learning style to get the highest results in every subject they study.

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In this easy to use book you will learn:

  • How To Dramatically Raise Reading Scores
  • Exercises To Solve The Most Stubborn Reading Problems
  • The Simple Math Facts Strategy Used By More Than 1,000 Schools To Learn Math Facts In Half The Time
  • On page 67, The Super Speller Strategy To Bring Every Child’s Grades To 100% On Their Tests3
  • Memory Strategies on page 101, To Show Your Child How To Recall Content In Any Subject They Study
  • The Biology Of Success Secrets Like Lighting, Food, and Exercise To Make Every Child ” Brain Smart and Body Smart”
  • Which Vocabulary Strategy To Use In Subjects and Which Works To Learn Any Language Fast!
  • How Picture Perfect Summaries on page 91, Help Your Child or Student Use The Mental Movies Every A+ Student Already Knows
  • And Much More…

Note From HowToLearn.com

We’re so grateful to this one, remarkable person, who wants to remain anonymous, for making sure that every parent, family and teacher can afford to get the strategies proven to raise grade, test scores and self-esteem.

When kids are successful, they want to keep learning, and are more likely to stay in school.

If you’re on the fence at all, the large group purchase makes it affordable right now for anyone to give their child or class the best.

The book is so reasonably priced, you may want to get a copy for yourself and one for your child’s teacher.

If you’re a parent, you’ll want one for you, and one to give to your child’s teacher.

If you are a school principal, you may want a copy for all of your teachers! You’ll see a difference in your school’s test scores within a month after teachers begin using these strategies.


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