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 Student Speed Reading Online Audio Class

Learn Speed Reading from The World’s Fastest Reader, Howard Berg

  • Would you like your child to read faster?
  • Can you imagine how much easier your life will be when your child gets homework and classwork done on time…with better comprehension and memory…
  • Are you simply worn-out watching your child read things over and over, trying to remember them, then…

Howard Berg

If you answered, YES, then Pat Wyman and invite you and your child to:

Meet Howard Berg The World’s Fastest Reader


Take This Practical and Easy-To-Follow One-Hour Online Audio Class
From The Comfort Of Your Home

BUY NOW! $29

If your child has friends who want to read faster, forward them the address of this page too.


I feel you have moved one step beyond speed reading to speed learning, bringing the discipline into the 21st century. 

Maurice C. Thompson, Jr.
President & Chairman of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

Who Else Wants Your Child, Age 9-19,
To Learn Speed Reading From The World’s Fastest Reader?

  • Are you tired of seeing your child struggle with homework for hours?
  • Does your child resist reading or forget books at school?
  • Is reading for pleasure "history" for your child?
  • Does slow reading affect your child’s learning and test-taking skills?
  • Would you like to find out how your child can finish his or her reading in a fraction of the time, so you can spend more time having fun together, and less time "reminding" your child to do assignments?
  • Would you also like to find out how your child can graduate from high school in half the time, with college credits already in place?

If you answered, YES, to any of these questions, then you can listen to this practical one hour recording and follow along with your free 32 page pdf booklet you receive along with the link to the audio recording.  You will be given a private link to listen to Howard, and easily learn his speed reading techniques so your child can learn to read faster!

Let Howard Berg, The World’s Fastest Reader, share all his secrets in this one hour, practical audio class:

"Speed Reading for Students"

BUY NOW! $29

What is an online audio class? An online audio class is a special link that opens a page where you can listen to the class and follow along with the 32 page booklet you receive when you order the class. This is a unique way of gaining access to the world’s top learning experts, from the comfort of home.


Your Child Will Learn:

  1. How He or She Can Practice to Double His or Her Reading Speed During The Class
  2. How To Zip Through Reading Assisgnments With Total Comprehension In A Fraction Of The Time It Takes Now
  3. Improve Memory, Focus and Concentration With Just One Of Howard’s Famous ‘Secret Hand On The Page Techniques"
  4. Find Out How Pictures And Association Are Critical To Remembering Everything You Read
  5. How to adjust reading for pleasure, fiction, non-fiction, studying, technical learning, math, and reading a computer screen.
  6. And much, much more…


You will receive a 32 page pdf booklet for the class.  You will also receive a link to listen to the class so your child can practice his new reading skills.


According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Howard Berg is the World’s Fastest Reader.  Because of that record, his classes are usually priced much higher, up to hundreds of dollars.

However, as a special favor for How To’s Instant Learning® Community Members, he’s agreed to keep the price for this class at only $29.00. 

If Howard didn’t live so far away, I’d give him a hug!  We’ve spent weeks planning for this class, and I know you’ll find it the most practical and highest quality speed reading class around. 

Plus:  what more could you want – take the class, with your child, on the phone at home.  You can even be in you P.J.’s and no one would know how smart you are!

As you know, I personally guarantee everything at  If you take this class, and are not 100% satisfied, call me and I’ll honor my personal guarantee that your child will read faster, using Howard’s techniques.

What could be better than that?  Reading doesn’t have to be tedious and your child doesn’t have to struggle to get things done on time.  Enroll now for Howard Berg’s Student Speed Reading class now and your child can share how they met the World’s Fastest Reader with all their friends!

BUY NOW! $29


Your speed reading is not only one of the most effective ways an individual can increase their reading rate, it’s easy to learn.

W. Berry Fowler, Founder, Slyvan Learning Center