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Super Teaching Strategies Distance Education Course


Teacher – Distance Education Your Way!

The Benefits – Raise Your Students’ Grades and Test Scores Now!

  • Fully Accredited Distance Education for 3 Semester Units (4.5 Quarter Units from
    California State University, East Bay, formerly Hayward)  (parents – take this course without the units so your child can watch the videos too)
  • Learn at the hours best for you, no more driving to class to help your child or student get better grades
  • Use the strategies in your classroom or home at times you select – this course is used in over 3000 schools.
  • Distance Education Assignments are practical and tailored to your individual needs. (Parents, watch the video)

Pat Wyman, “America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert”, brings you time-tested “How to Learn Anything Fast” strategies that are proven to raise k-12 student grades and test scores in all subjects. This distance education course has been taught via California State University since 1989 and thousands of students have raised grades, test scores, and standardized test scores. It is used in more than 3000 schools.

What you will discover in this distance education course for teachers and parents:

  • 2 strategies to instantly motivate your students to want to learn
    (Just plain awesome!)
  • A proven way to match your students’ learning style with the school’s written testing style
    (This tip is the key to amazing grades!)
  • The single most successful way for your students to get A’s on their very next spelling test


  • 3 dynamic memory strategies so your students will recall content in any subject  
  • A simple, but overlooked strategy so your students learn their math facts in half the time  
  • Picture Perfect Summaries that accelerate your students’ learning 5 times over


  • Using music to boost your students’ focus and memory


  • 3 Rapid Reading Skills so your students read twice as much in half the time

Who Should Take This Distance Education Course?

This distance education course is for virtually anyone who wants higher student achievement and students who are motivated to learn. It is recommended for K-12 teachers, parents, school administrators, counselors, RSP teachers, school psychologists, and those in academic help centers. Since the class maybe taken with or without units, parents and classroom assistants should also take this course. Parents may also take this course without the academic units.

Exceptional Teacher Resource and Distance Education Course

Join the thousands of other teachers and parents who have dramatically changed their students’ lives with this innovative teacher education course.

Super Teaching Strategies is an 8 hour streaming video, distance education on-line course  that gives you practical and innovative  strategies to help your students or your child learn any subject more easily.

Pre and post test data on over 500,000 students show that over 95% of students using the strategies raise their grades to A’s and B’s.

If you are asking your child or student to learn and recall information, Super Teaching Strategies distance education course empowers them to understand “how to learn” and not just what to learn. Students will master learning styles and be able to instantly choose which learning style works best for each subject area.

Many children are frustrated in school and receive lower grades because there is a gap between how they learn and how the school tests. In other words, there is a mis-match between their learning style and the school’s testing style. This distance education online streaming videos bridge that gap and show easy to learn techniques for raising grades and test scores.

Darrington School District Special Projects Coordinator, Beryl Mauldin, says, “This is probably the most helpful and inspiring educational workshop our teachers have ever taken! Pat’s Super Teaching Strategies presentation to our staff was absolutely mesmerizing. She held our participants’ attention throughout and presented concepts that we think will revolutionize education.”

Distance Education At its Finest

In case you are curious about the quality of these distance education units — you can relax. The units from this class are post-baccalaureate and have been applied to professional development, continuing education, master’s and doctoral degrees. These distance education and continuing education units come from California’s most prestigious university system – California State University.

Distance Education Online

This powerful on-line, streaming video course, plus downloadable manual is now available completely online and you can begin, literally minutes after you order! Call with any questions before you enroll or if you need any adjustments to your assignments based on what you teach.  There are no refunds for contract education courses per university policy.  You have one full year from your enrollment to complete your coursework.

  1. Streaming Video Courses Are Ready to begin the moment you purchase – each segment is divided up into 20 minutes for your convenience.
  2. Manuals and information packets completely online! Your new registration form will be e-mailed to you after registration.
  3. When you watch the online streaming video, it is divided up into 20-minute segment

Here’s what teachers and parents are saying about Super Teaching Strategies Distance Education Course:

“Pat is every teacher’s dream of what the perfect instructor should be! She offers practical & innovative techniques in a very effective way. My students’ grades have increased dramatically!

Susan Enfield
Homestead High School

“Super Teaching Strategies was fabulous!  After learning the Super Speller Strategy, I was able to bring a smile from ear to ear on a student who normally has very little success.  I knew I had empowered her and now all the other students are still calling her a “Super Speller”!  The results from this course have been remarkable.”

Suzanne Licht
Highlands Elementary School

“I got hands on, motivational and practical strategies to enhance learning for all students to be successful.”

Judy Wand
Elementary School Teacher

“I used Super Teaching Strategies with my At-Risk kids and their behavior changed completely for the better. They all had a longer attention span, and could easily focus on their work.”

Cindy Kleiber
Urbana Jr. High School, Urbana, Ohio

“Pat Wyman’s two-day Super Teaching Strategies presentation to our staff was absolutely mesmerizing. She held our participants’ attention throughout and presented concepts that we think will revolutionize education. When she proposed a new concept, she had research to support her strategies and practical examples our staff could easily relate to. The most valuable part of her In-Service is that we learned that there are truly practical solutions to the most challenging mysteries in education today’s children.

This is probably the most helpful and inspiring educational workshop our teachers (and some specially-invited parents) have ever taken! If you have the opportunity to participate in one of Pat Wyman’s Seminars, by all means do so!”


Beryl Mauldin, Special Projects Coordinator
Rita Mauldin, Library Media Specialist
Darrington School District #330
Darrington, Washington

Pat Wyman

Pat Wyman, M.A., the Professor, has a unique, successfully tested method of teaching that has transformed children’s ability to learn. She is an Professor of Continuing Education for teachers, best selling author of Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster; Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the TimeLearning vs. Testing, (winner of the prestigious James Patterson Page Turner Book Award for her work to enhance literacy), educational consultant and trainer in the areas of accelerated learning strategies, reading, test improvement and self-esteem. Pat has over 25 years of educational experience in distance learning courses and brings a warm, genuine love and sense of humor to her presentations.

Requirements for Units for the Distance Education Course

This course may be taken with or without academic units. if you are a teacher, take the course for academic, continuing education units and if you are a parent, take the course without the units.

If you want to take this course as a distance learning course for 3 semester or 4.5 quarter units, view these on-line videos for eight hours, do the fill in booklet as you watch and then practice the strategies for 37 hours in your classroom. If you’re taking the course during the summer and don’t have students, call 707 837 8180 or email us at the contact button below for summer assignment options.

The assignments are very practical and can be structured for your particular student population. Assignment options for off track and summertime when you don’t have students are also available.  The manual that comes with the course contains all the instructions you will need to successfully complete the course.

Turn in your assignments to the instructor for grading (or credit / no credit option) and receive their 4.5 quarter (3 semester) units at the end of any quarter you choose. Call Instructor for due dates.

The academic units come from California State University, East Bay, (formerly Hayward) Department of Continuing and International Education Division. They are post baccalaureate units and have been used for salary increment, towards Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. Consult your individual district for information on these academic units and application to your degree or salary schedule.

Note: If you have students with dyslexia there is an additional online steaming video course available with and without academic units called The Gift of Dyslexia, designed to help any student with dyslexia read easily.

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Units For Teachers

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Online courses come with passwords which allow you 12 hours to watch the 8 hour courses. Per university policy these courses may not be downloaded to your computer and should you need a longer period of time to watch the course than the 12 hours, please email us via the contact button at the bottom of the page and we will issue you new passwords. Digital online courses are not returnable.