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Guarantee That Kids or Adults Become Excellent Readers in just 15 minutes a day using Ultimate Phonics Reading Program.

All reading experts agree that every individual needs to learn the full range of phonics to become an excellent reader.

Yet, most programs on the market take learners to one level below full proficiency. Ultimate Phonics however, enables all learners to master full proficiency and have the skills they need to be outstanding readers at any level. No need to supplement with other programs.

After my daughter used the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program she received an award from her school for the most improved in reading, and her first grade teacher said that she is now the best reader in the first grade class. I recommend this program.
Akan Harrison
Parent – San Diego, CA

In this fun, interactive multi-media program, you can be sure phonics is covered from beginning to end, and personalized so that you know where to start and when you can progress to the next level. Ultimate Phonics is completely customized for you.

It uses human speech and has over 4400 words sounded out, along with color and encouragement as you move through each level.

Whether you are an adult learner, parent, teacher, or tutor, the Ultimate Phonics program helps you learn to read or to solve serious reading problems such as word guessing or slow, laborious reading.

You can achieve results like these:

  • Much higher reading grade level
  • More accurate and fluent reading
  • Better reading comprehension
  • Better pronunciation
  • Better spelling
  • Better grades
  • Better test scores
  • Better overall education

What is included in Ultimate Phonics:

  • Digital manual and digital software license (includes full program book).  – Your license is custom created so that  you so you may use it on any of your devices at any time. You will receive it by email within 2 days.
  • Over 4400 common words fully sounded out
  • Over 2100 complete sentences
  • Easily self taught for students and adults ages 4 and up

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Ultimate Phonics

$79.90 for full digital program with personalized license




Children and adults will become expert readers after completing Ultimate Phonics Reading Program.

Designed by experts with over 30 years of experience, the program enables children and students to thoroughly learn the phonics skills that are the foundation for a lifetime of reading success.

After months of research and testing at our Center, The Ultimate Phonics Program was chosen because of the extraordinary results for students of all ages (including adults).

The program has a digital license for use on your computer and guarantees that your child or student will be an advanced reader after completing the lessons.

National Reading Statistics

According to the NAEP, National Assessment of Educational Progress, 69% of fourth graders, 67% of eighth graders and 60% of twelfth graders scored below the proficient reading level.

Nationwide, schools have now begun to adopt reading standards and standardized tests that place a strong emphasis on phonics, especially in the early grades. The key to meeting the new standards, raising scores on standardized tests, and improving grades in school, is an excellent phonics program.

If your child is just beginning to read, you will want to give him or her all the skills necessary to become an expert reader, not just an average one. If you have an older child or you are an adult wanting to improve your reading abilities, The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program insures that you get the excellent results you want.

Ultimate Phonics Uses Human Speech with Over 4400 Common Words Sounded Out

Ultimate Phonics uses color and high quality human speech, with over 4400 common words fully sounded out and over 2100 sentences.

The program is largely self taught for students ages 4 thorugh adult, and reading specialists agree that you will want to assist younger children when using the program.

Compare this program to most other phonics programs on the market.

We found that it far surpassed all of them due to its quality and comprehensive contents. In other words, most nationally recognized brands will only take your child or student to a minimum reading level, one lower than needed for full proficiency.

Further, most other programs are “game-like” in nature and provide “edutainment” which does not lead to expert reading skills or allow your child to develop his or her full reading potential.

Also, this  is a stand alone phonics and personalized learning phonics program and you will not need to supplement it with additional programs.

The research done by our Center for New Discoveries in Learning shows that students of all ages will improve their reading abilities dramatically after using the Ultimate Phonics program.

The latest reading research and studies conclusively show that direct, explicit, systematic, intensive phonics, taught with a large amount of structured decodable reading material, is the key to successful reading instruction. This is the identical method used in the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program.


Ultimate Phonics

$79.90 for full digital program and personalized license.

ultimate phonicsTurn your computer into a powerful teaching machine!

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program turns your computer into a powerful teaching machine. It’s all you need to insure that your children or students learn the important phonics skills that are necessary for reading success!

Whether it is used at home or in school, Ultimate Phonics provides a complete solution that enables you to quickly, easily and completely ensure that your children and students thoroughly learn those essential phonics skills.

Frequently Asked Questions and Risk Free Guarantee

1. What is the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program?

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is a complete, interactive, multimedia learning tool that teaches people of all ages to read with phonics. Designed by experts with over 30 years of experience, it enables children and students to thoroughly learn the phonics skills that are the foundation for a lifetime of reading success.

It consists of a software license to use on all your devices and a digital 600 manual of organized reading material. Program uses colors, sound and more to engage learners of all ages.

2. What are the benefits of the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program?

Starts at the most basic level of reading, then systematically progresses to advanced levels.

Enables children and adults of all ages to thoroughly learn the phonics skills that are the foundation for a lifetime of reading success.

A complete phonics-based reading program for Windows computers, covering all of the sounds and rules of English.

Highly interactive format that is easy to use and largely self-teaching.

Teaches with direct, systematic, intensive phonics – the kind widely recognized by experts as a key factor in reading success.

Uses color, and high quality human speech, with over 4400 common words fully sounded out. Contains over 2100 sentences.

Ideal for beginning readers. Excellent for older children, adults, learning disabled, or bilingual persons.

Can be used alone as a primary phonics-based reading program or to supplement other programs.

Perfect for providing the phonics component in a balanced approach to reading.

3. What are the computer requirements?

Runs on PC and MAC.

4. Is this an “edutainment” program?

No, It is not an “edutainment” program. Instead, it is a simple and powerful direct learning tool.

Currently, educational software is dominated by “edutainment” programs.

These programs are designed to entertain the user, usually with some sort of game or activity, while providing a relatively small amount of educational content. Due to the small amount of actual learning per program, this approach can be very incomplete and inefficient in important areas such as phonics.

In contrast, Ultimate Phonics takes a direct and thorough approach to the teaching of phonics. Although the program is easy and fun to use, its emphasis is on effectiveness, completeness, and excellent results. Most people enjoy learning to read if they are successful at it. Ultimate Phonics is a learning tool that enables people to learn to read quickly and successfully.

5. Is Ultimate Phonics self-teaching?

Yes, for people in grades four and up, Ultimate Phonics is self teaching. Younger children, 4 through 8 or 9, may need your help in the beginning.

6. What is the youngest age you can use this program?

We recommend that the child be four years old and shows signs of reading readiness.

Some clear signs of reading readiness are a child’s ability to learn the alphabet and to start sounding out very simple words. The age at which the point of reading readiness is reached will vary somewhat with the child.

This is the ideal learning tool for children who are just beginning to learn to read. It ensures that children rapidly, easily, and thoroughly learn the important phonics skills that are a foundation of excellent reading.

7. For what ages is Ultimate Phonics appropriate?

The program is appropriate for all ages, from three or four years through adult. In any case where a person has not yet properly learned to read with phonics, Ultimate Phonics is the correct learning tool.

In the case of very young children who are first learning to read, Ultimate Phonics thoroughly teaches them the phonics aspect of reading. Study after study conclusively shows that phonics ability is a key factor in reading success. In addition, the best results occur when children learn phonics at a very early age, starting even in preschool.

In the case of older students, third grade through high school, who have never properly learned phonics, Ultimate Phonics makes the ideal remedial tool. Students will appreciate the direct, intuitive, complete design of the program, as well as the depth of the reading vocabulary and sentences.

If you know an adult who is struggling with literacy, Ultimate Phonics will be the favorite program for many. For adults who are learning to read with phonics for the first time, this is the program that will help them achieve the quickest results.

Because Ultimate Phonics completely teaches all of the phonics of English, and explicitly teaches over 4400 common words along with 2100 controlled sentences, it is a perfect choice for providing children and students of all ages with the phonics skills they are lacking.

8. Is Ultimate Phonics based on grade levels?

No, Ultimate Phonics is not a grade level oriented program. It teaches all of the phonics sounds and rules of English as thoroughly and rapidly as possible, frequently within a year. These skills apply to the entire scope of the English language, not a narrow range of grade levels.

These phonics skills can be mastered by children as young as four to six, if they begin learning with Ultimate Phonics at an early age. Young children who complete the program will often read far above normal grade level for their age.

At the same time, there are many people in higher grades up through adult who have never adequately learned phonics. They need to go through the same process of learning the sounds and rules of English that they missed out on at an earlier age.

9. How long does it take to complete the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program?

The length of time required to finish Ultimate Phonics will vary with the person. On a schedule of about three hours per week, it takes about six months to a year.

Remember that Ultimate Phonics is the only phonics program you’ll need. It covers all of the sounds and rules of English, and explicitly teaches over 4400 common words and 2100 sentences. By using it, children and students will learn to read up to their full potential.

Although Ultimate Phonics does require an investment of time and a commitment to regular use, the results will pay major dividends for a lifetime.

Unconditional 30-day Risk Free Guarantee

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program has successfully helped thousands of children. We are certain they will benefit your child or student. If you are dissatisfied in any way with this program, please call us within 30 days and we will happily refund the entire purchase price.

Ultimate Phonics



Listen to What Our Customers Are Saying
About the Phonics Program!


Eight months after my daughter started using the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program she received an award from her school for the most improved in reading, and her first grade teacher said that she is now the best reader in the first grade class. I highly recommend this program.
Akan Harrison
Parent – San Diego, CA

For the past 6 months, I have been using your Ultimate Phonics Reading Program to help my 11 year old son who has dyslexia and other learning disabilities. He does about 1-3 lessons per day for approximately 4 days each week.

When he first started the program, my son was at a 1.9 GE reading level. Now he is at a 3.7 GE reading level. I am amazed and relieved at his progress. I believe that the comprehensive, consistent, and systematic approach of the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program has been just what my son has been needing all these years.

My son is reading more fluently now and is starting to build back that self confidence that he lost when he realized that his peers were doing something he couldn’t do. Thank you for the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program. It has made a difference!!!

Mrs. S
Parent – Chula Vista, CA

My fourth grader, who already had excellent reading skills, has seen improvement in her reading, spelling and comprehension since using this program. Just last week she scored 8.0 grade level in her McCall Crabbs Standard Reading Test in Book C.

This was an added benefit, since I primarily purchased this software for my fifth grader who was 2 grade levels behind in reading. Trust me, my husband and I have used, The Writing Road To Reading, Alpha Phonics, The Phonics Game, The Victory Drill Book, Explode the Code, MCP Phonics and numerous other phonic programs, in addition to Visual Therapy (and much prayer!), trying to help this child become an independent reader.

Much to my delight in just the first quarter this year he has gained an entire year in his reading level. His confidence is higher than it’s ever been. Needless to say I highly recommend Ultimate Phonics.

Pamela Sciotto
Homeschooler – Santee, CA


You deserve accolades for the development of Ultimate Phonics software! It is the best I’ve seen for the learners in our adult literacy program. Whether beginning readers or just “terrible spellers,” students find the system tremendously helpful. Thanks to the consistent format and high quality voice activation feature, students quickly become independent using Ultimate Phonics. The book containing all the words and sentences that appear on screen is a treasure in itself.

I appreciate the way Ultimate Phonics is able to go beyond sound/letter associations to effectively teach the crucial reading & writing subskills of segmenting words into their separate sounds and blending sounds together to form words. Including words that need to be memorized and sentences that give students practice applying concepts in context are also wonderful aspects of Ultimate Phonics.

It seems to me you’ve accomplished it all… low cost, high quality, easy format, educationally sound program. All we have to do is add real-life reading materials like books and newspapers – and we have a complete reading curriculum. Thank you!

Patricia Flanigan
Program Manager
County of Ventura Reading Program for Adults

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program

Guarantee That Your Child Becomes An Excellent Reader!ultimate phonics

    • Digital 600 page manual and software license
    • Over 4400 common words fully sounded out
    • Over 2100 complete sentences
    • Easily self taught for students in grade 4 and up
Ultimate Phonics

$79.90 for full digital program with personalized license.