Read Live from Read Naturally Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Read Live from Read Naturally Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Gold Medal Winner

Reading Instruction Programs


Read Live

Our Parent and Teacher Choice Award team evaluated the Read Live web-based instruction reading program from Read Naturally. Included on our team is a Reading Specialist and learning expert, as well as a classroom teacher.

What we discovered was an outstanding and extraordinarily effective approach to improve reading and one that can be scientifically measured for beginning readers to adult results. Plus, the program has both English and Spanish versions in their web- based platform.

Read Naturally/Read Live is a reading intervention approach for schools, districts and teachers that is proven to work for struggling readers.

It consists of four programs in one and includes systemic phonics instruction, along with vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and finally mastery.

Students can work with teachers, work independently, use their read along option, click on any words they don’t understand and the list of instructional benefits goes on and on to help any reader reach mastery.

If you want to review a thorough demonstration of how students use the Read Live program, a YouTube video included below will guide you and you can request a free demo of the entire program from the Read Live Website here.

One of the most difficult components for web-based programs in the area of reading intervention is student motivation, but Read Live’s all inclusive portal for students master’s that more than effectively. Students are instantly captivated by what they see on the screen and the multitude of learning modalities included – visual images, sound, physical interaction help keep students engaged and highly motivated to continue reading.

Overall, Read Live is one of the most extensive and scientifically validated reading intervention programs we have ever reviewed and sits right at the top of our list for recommended reading programs.

Along with phonics and comprehension components, we so appreciate that fluency is an integral part of this web-based platform.

When kids don’t have excellent fluency, (reading just as when they are speaking), they read slowly, miss words, stumble and their overall their comprehension suffers.

This results in low self-esteem, poor grades, lowered school attendance and even dropping out.

Read Live changes all that with their web-based approach, including reading fluency as one of their cornerstones.

And the results are measurable! Teacher reports abound in this program this is a very unique and scientifically validated program dedicated to insure that struggling readers have everything they need to become outstanding, successful readers.

Read Live can be used by schools, districts and home schools and can even be used on just one computer anywhere.

Teachers will discover more than they could ever hope for on the Read Live platform including “high interest non-fiction stories, text audio and visual prompts along with differentiated instruction, student monitoring, independent work, distance and blended learning; assessments, direct instruction, story exercises and so much more…”

Inside the platform, teachers and staff will be thrilled with the plethora of activities designed to pair with any concept being taught.

We especially love the read along program, that students can hear the information read to them first, and that you can print the stories and activities with beautiful color images on them to teach and reinforce any concept you choose. Quiz questions and word lists are just some of the many activities included with Read Live.

Everything that Read Live does makes teaching reading a real joy!

Included teachers and staff will find “phonics support – systemic practice, spelling skills decoding – word warm ups and more.”

Teachers will discover that only 10 minutes a day can improve students phonics skills.

The One-Minute Reader Live section will delight students and teachers alike! If you want to watch a YouTube demonstration of a student using the Read Live program click here.

You can get a free demo of Reader Live here

The Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team gives Read Live our highest endorsement and unanimously awards our gold medal in the category of reading instruction.

You worked very hard to make your product one that makes a difference in children’s lives so share it with over 2 million visitors.

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