What would happen if your child knew the same strategy

spelling bee champions use?


Does your child do any of the following?

1. Does your child write their words 10 times each and forget how the words are spelled during the test?

2. Does your child write their words in sentences and use definitions, then sometimes forget them at test time?

3. Does your child resent doing homework spelling?

4. Do you feel stressed trying to get your child to learn their spelling words and remember them during the test?

Well, you can finally relax with the easy-to-use and proven Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in HALF the Time! strategy.

Listen to what other parents have to say:

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 My daughter was getting all F’s in spelling and the first time we used the strategy in Spelling Made Easy, she immediately got A’s the very next test. Her self-esteem soared and she got better grades in her other subjects too because she gained the confidence and success she needed.”    

Ann Langley, Ph.D.                                                                                                          

“As a medical doctor, I often have parents asking me for ADHD medication for their children because they difficulty in spelling and teachers have thought the child might have ADHD. Instead of prescribing medication, I have them read this Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time book first.

Almost exclusively, these patients come back with A+ spelling grades and what parents and teachers thought looked like ADHD, was really not understanding a learning styles strategy for spelling.    Stephen Guffanti, M.D.

Your child’s self-esteem suffers when they get poor spelling grades week after week. It’s time to change that and show them “how” spelling bee champions get the A’s!

Great spellers look up and actually “see” an image of the word in their minds. They rarely rely on phonics in the English language because so many words are not spelled as they sound.

Once you ask your child a few short questions you’ll know how they create and recall a visual memory. In this Spelling Made Easy book, your child will quickly learn “how” to ace their very next spelling test.

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by Pat Wyman,