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Square Panda Home and Classroom Editions – Winner Parent and Teacher Choice Awards from HowtoLearn.com




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Square Panda, a system to teach kids to read, has two editions – for home and classroom.

Both caught our team’s attention because of their unique multi-sensory methods of teaching reading, as well as the library of games that truly engage the learners.

Square Panda Home Edition is a unique system that helps kids to read. As our Parent and Teacher Choice Team has a reading specialist on board, we applaud Square Panda for their engaging system that works with both IOS and Android tables.

Being able to touch, hold and move the letters around while teaching the phonics portion of reading, brings this system to a whole new level!

We know that excellent reading programs require a multi-sensory approach and this engages the user in numerous ways. Their library of games as well as everything in this program utilizes all learning modalities, making the learning even deeper.

Square Panda’s new Home Edition is a sleeker and more compact design, which was improved thanks to input from parents. It also encompasses improved data technology capabilities.

SquareLand, a new and unique world of play, joins Square Panda’s growing library of learning games. In the world, kids play as Square Panda himself in a variety of personalized mini-games as they explore an adaptive early reading curriculum. Interactive songs and mini-games adapt to each learner’s evolving skill level, as they learn about letter recognition, phonemic sounds, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, and much more through self-directed gameplay.

SquareLand is a part of the Square Panda learning library, which works with the Square Panda learning system and iOS/Android tablets.

Square Panda and their original learning system launched in 2016 and is now sold in all 50 states and 5 countries. The team is dedicated to providing the very best play experiences that keep kids engaged in their learning.

Square Panda Home Edition is the Unanimous Choice of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com

Square Panda Classroom Edition

Square Panda classroom edition is a fully personalized reading instruction system that includes sequential skills development and real-time assessment. In addition, we love that it has adaptive multisenory learning with proven results for readers in grades Pre K – 3.  Kids easily acquire fluency and literacy!

The latest Square Panda Classroom Playset comes with a built-in QR code, allowing students to quickly scan themselves into the games to facilitate classroom implementation.

The Square Panda Playset is paired with tablet technology that provides an engaging early reading experience, encompassing interaction with sounds, words, animations and tactile smart letters in a personalized learning environment.

Teachers monitor progress, manage student profiles, and store custom words and pictures in the cloud-based teacher portal, which allows teachers to reinforce classroom instruction such as current sight or vocabulary words to personalize learning, identify instructional opportunities and align with lesson plans.

Square Panda has a growing library of research-based learning games. The literacy system helps diverse populations, including Title 1, ESL, and special needs students build early literacy skills, with classic 10 learning games addressing 14 phonics milestones.

SquareLand is the newest addition to Square Panda’s learning library, offering a new and unique world of play designed to keep emerging readers engaged in learning through an ever-growing platform of personalized mini-games.

Students play as Square Panda himself and explore early reading curriculum that adapts to each learner’s evolving skill level, while he learns about letter recognition, phonemic sounds, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, and much more through self-directed gameplay.

Students practice early literacy skills as they are kept in the optimal learning zone to ensure that they are always challenged but not overwhelmed.

In addition, SquareLand assesses each student’s understanding to determine his or her learning level, and the more students play, the greater the level of personalization.

The games advance students according to their skill levels, and performance is tracked to ensure the content is adjusted appropriately.

Square Panda Classroom Edition has shown promising results on the PALS and NWEA pre and post-assessments in PreK and K populations. Its curriculum also offers support for core ELA Kindergarten and 1st grade standards.

Square Panda addresses key research findings to help advance lower-performing students’ foundational skills, while helping other learners progress through exploratory play:

· Multisensory perception supports optimal learning
· Struggling students benefit from multisensory cues
· High-poverty students benefit from reading haptic learning-related experiences
· Second-language learners need additional reading support
· Early phonics instruction has the greatest impact for reading readiness

Square Panda, home and classroom editions, are Unanimously Chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team from HowtoLearn.com!

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