Squishmallows Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Squishmallows Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com 



Squishmallows wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

                                              squishmallows       Squishmallows wins Parent and Teacher Choice AwardSquishmallows  

Oh WOW! As soon as our Parent and Choice Team opened the box of Squishmallows Toys, we couldn’t wait to play with them. And I am talking about the adults here   :-)

I for one, had to cuddle them right away – they are so soft and plush! I loved the unicorn, dinosaur, new Hug Mees with their individual stories attached, the Stackables and well, all of them!!!

The Squishmallows Hug Mees have a new “3D” look with hands, feet and paws for even more cuddling. Hug Mees are an upright addition to the Squishmallows family, providing a slightly more solid and upright plush comfort.

I played with Danny the Dinosaur and loved his story (attached to the hand tag) that he is king of the games! He loves strategizing for board games, puzzles, outdoor sports or scavenger hunts!

What is so awesome for kids (or adults like me) is that you can collect all the Squishmallows and share them or trade them with your friends!

The Hug Mees come in 4 sizes; 10″, 14″, 18″, and 20″ and will be readily available following their late summer debut.

The Squishmallows Stackables come in three sizes, 8″, 12″ and 20 ” and they feature a more square like shape based on the classic, rounded design of the originals  from KellyToy.

Squishmallows Stackables can be used similar to their rounded squad members as well as used for cushions, safe stacking, and additional support.

The little kitty stackable I cuddled with has an adorable face, and is named Cameron. Your kids will love the stories about each toy. Cameron loves to jump in and out of boxes, build forts, and loves going to the beach!

We could not wait to share these with a local pre-school and a charity for women with small children! They were beyond thrilled.

These are absolutely the softest, marshmallow-like toys that our Parent and Teacher Choice Team has ever felt! They are a super-soft polyester fabric, and we could not spend enough time with them – again I’m talking the adults here :):)

What a great alternative to high tech toys! When we watched the kids play with them, we could tell they felt happy and safe.

Each Squishmallows toy we reviewed has its own unique personality and they come with background stories on their handtags.

One thing that is very special for kids is that those stories talk about the toy’s favorite activities, foods and career aspirations.

What a wonderful way to get kids discussing their feelings, and become highly creative with new ways to play with the Squishmallows toys!

These toys have a range of 8 different sizes from 3.5″ clip-ons, all the way through 24 inches.

Kids use Squishmallows for pillows, bed buddies (and of course I had to try one out as a bed buddy too – (so snuggly), and great travel companions!

Imagine how wonderful it is that kids can learn about sharing their Squishmallows or get another one for a friend who might need comforting when they feel scared or anxious, or just need to feel better.

Squishmallows are versatile, making great pillows, bedtime buddies, travel companions and even serving as a friend in times of need to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Squishmallows are really for everyone – kids and adults and if you also have a child or student with sensory processing challenges, they are especially helpful!

There are Squishmallows styles including sea life/aquarium, farm, jungle, bugs life, zoo, Valentine’s Day, Spring, Halloween and Christmas and more. The toys include original, stackable, sequin, Hug Mees and Squishmallows Baby.

Hey Moms, teachers and caretakers: Guess what? The Squishmallows are machine washable making care for them a breeze!

We are so happy that Squishmallows Wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com.

Bravo KellyToy and thank you for making Squishmallows! These are for kids ages 0 and up (and remember we adults who love cuddly Squishmallows too!)

Squishmallows is the unanimous gold-medal winning choice of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team at HowtoLearn.com

CLICK HERE to get Squishmallows and check back soon too. Some newer ones are on their way each year!

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