Getting Started: College Students

Top 5 Steps To Faster Learning Guide For College Students

“Learning is not about being smart – it’s about strategy”, says Pat Wyman, founder of America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.

When you want to learn faster or solve learning challenges, follow these easy 5 steps:

  1. Find out your personal learning style. Take the FREE Personal Learning Styles Inventory.
  2. Check your visual perceptual skills. Take the FREE Eye-Q Reading Inventory.
  3. Understand that school caters to visual learners and add that learning style to the one you naturally prefer.
  4. Learn to study making pictures in your mind, like a mental movie and look up to recall those movies during test time. Get higher grades in 14 days using the Instant Learning ® Strategies in the Amazing Grades digital book.
  5. Before your exams, eat more protein and fewer carbs. Boost your intelligence by taking omega 3’s.

Bonus faster learning: Use the How To Learn Resource Guide to find learning resources in all subject areas.