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To prepare for the workshop or class, please make sure you have these supplies and download the Super Speller Strategy workbook you see below:

  1. Bring scissors, light colored construction paper, thin-tipped markers, and a notebook to the workshop.

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Need to Solve Low Spelling Grades As Quickly as This Week?

Have a Child or Student Who Wants The Highest Grades in Spelling?

Ask Yourself…

What would happen to your child’s or student’s grades if they knew the strategies” that Spelling Bee Champions told us they use?

America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, best-selling author and college instructor, Pat Wyman, has answers to help your child improve their spelling grades far more quickly than writing words down 10 times each and using them in sentences.

(If that outdated method of writing the words down 10 times each actually worked, then you have to ask why every student is not getting A’s in spelling.)

The Super Speller Strategy Course provides the alternative method that spelling bee champions rely on!

These Spelling Bee Champs all use the Same Strategy you will see in this video!


Photo Credit: Columbia Tribune

Photo Credit: Columbia Tribune

Photo credit: Evan Vucci

Photo Credit: Evan Vucci

Just look at what people are saying about Super Speller Strategy

“Thanks to the strategies in this book, my daughter went from an ‘F’ to an ‘A’ in spelling.”

Ann Langley, Ph.D., Marriage Family Therapist


“As a medical doctor, I often have parents asking me for ADHD medication for their children because they difficulty in spelling and teachers have thought the child might have ADHD. Instead of prescribing medication, I have them read watch the Super Speller Strategy course first.

Almost exclusively, these patients come back with A+ spelling grades and what parents and teachers thought looked like ADHD, was really not understanding a learning styles strategy for spelling.”

Stephen Guffanti, M.D., Creator of Rocket Phonics, author Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?; The Purpose of Passion


“Any parent or teacher who wants their child/students to do exceptionally well in spelling needs this book. When your child succeeds your home is more peaceful, your child becomes a more curious learner, and it encourages passion about new learning too. That is why this book is so important -it’s more than just about spelling – it’s about your child’s way of being – helping them discover new ways they can feel positive about their learning abilities in every subject.”

Rebecca Kochenderfer, author Homeschooling and Loving It


“My name is Rod I was one of the unfortunate children that fell through the cracks and never learned to read or spell correctly. This video course has helped me to be a better speller!”

Rodrigo Rodriquez

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IMPORTANT: It is best when using this strategy, to ask your child’s teacher to cut down the list of words for the next few weeks.

You want to give your child every chance of success. Starting with fewer words and ensuring success first, encourages your child and raises their self-confidence and self-esteem.

In other words, if your child’s spelling word list is 20 words, cut the down to 5 words just for a couple of weeks until your child is entirely confident and then slowly increase the word list.

We cannot promise, if your child has learning barriers in the way, such as they need glasses, that this strategy will get the results you want until you remove those learning barriers. Check your child’s eyesight and vision by seeing a developmental optometrist at, find out whether their hearing is excellent and their perception of how they hear, and how they see the printed page is what an audiologist and developmental or neuro optometrist will tell you are excellent visual/perceptual skills or whether listening or hearing skills need to be optimized.