SuperMouth Oral Care Systems Win Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

SuperMouth Oral Care Systems Win Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Gold Medal Winner for 5 MouthCare Systems

Health and Fitness Category

SuperMouth Oral Care Systems

                                                                                   SuperMouth Oral Care System, Teething – 24 months


Who knew that great oral hygiene could be so much fun and so effective for kids?

When our Parent and Teacher Choice opened 5 of the personalized Supermouth Mouthcare System boxes we were so excited to see a full range of oral care systems designed for all ages of kids.

We know how important mouthcare is, and it’s so important to make brushing your teeth, flossing and rinsing a fun learning experience for kids so they will use their skills for a lifetime and preserve their dental health.

We literally wished we were kids again to share in the best, most effective and altogether coolest mouthcare system we have ever seen.

Once in a blue moon you find this type of exceptional design and quality, plus you can rest easy knowing that a dentist designed the whole program.


                                                                                      SuperMouth Oral Care System Ages 2-5

Opening each SuperMouth Oral Care box feels just like being a kid in a toy store and Supermouth knows the best way to motivate kids to brush and care for their teeth is to make it a fun experience.

First, on the SuperMouth Website, you and your child take the assessment which quickly guides you to the best program and subscription services that are a perfect fit for your child.

Inside the SuperMouth kids, with several variations, you’ll find all of the following and more:

Flouride and flavored mouthwash

Flavored fluoride and non-flouride toothpaste

Mouth Sprays

Electric and regular toothbrushes that look like the world’s most famous designer created them

SuperHeroes to guide and motivate your child

Comic books

Musical bears for the little ones

Super cool cavitar cubbies and cavitar caddies to hold the tooth brushes and dispense just the right amount of toothpaste (awesome ice cream truck design for the younger ones)

Toothbrush holder for the older kids that even we wanted as adults!

The SuperMouth App you can download to play 2 minute songs to keep your child brushing as long a they should for the best oral hygiene

The dental hygiene items just go on and on.

And it doesn’t stop there…

On subscription, you’ll find it super easy to replenish the whole supply so you’ll never run out.

We know you’ll feel just as we did using the SuperMouth Mouthcare System – and you can’t put a price on caring for and preserving your teeth in perfect shape!

No more telling kids to brush their teeth – they won’t be able to wait to use everything that’s included in each of the kits!


                                                                                     SuperMouth Oral Care System, Ages 6-12

And best of all your child will take all their best dental hygiene skills into adulthood.

This SuperMouth system has our highest recommendation for kids of all ages and we feel that you won’t find any other mouthcare system of this quality available.


                                                                                                        SuperMouth System Ages 13 and up

SuperMouth Oral Care System is our unanimous choice and wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

We awarded 5 of the SuperMouth Oral Care Systems for kids ages 24 months and up the Parent and Teacher Choice Award.

The SuperMouth Systems that received our Parent and Teacher Choice Award are:

Cavitar Cubby

SuperMouth System Teething to Ages 24 months

SuperMouth System Ages 2-5

SuperMouth System Ages 6-12

SuperMouth System Ages 13 and up

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