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Best 9 ways to Prevent Bullying Now

HowtoLearn.com bullying expert Dr. Kathryn Seifert provides the best 9 ways to prevent bullying now and help stop bullies in their tracks. As one of the co-authors in the best-selling  worldwide goodwill book, Amazing Grades:101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster...

New Guidelines To Treat Childhood Aggression

Guidelines aim to help primary care doctors, mental health specialists better care for difficult-to-manage youth showing aggression. Mayo Clinic researchers, in collaboration with other research institutions and youth mental health experts, are publishing new...

How A Youth-Driven Campaign Helps To Stop Bullying

A new youth-driven campaign aims to stop bullying where it begins: with kids and the choices they make. “I Choose” (www.WhatDoYouChoose.org), available free to schools and communities, asks children and teens to adopt and embrace one of five words representing...

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