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Mastering Math With a Food Truck Business

At Miami Middle School in Fort Wayne Indiana, students are mastering math with a food truck business. Sixth-grade Miami Middle math teacher Angela Potchka found a lesson plan online about starting a food truck business. She decided to adapt it for use by the sixth...

Students Learn About Farming and Benefit Needy

The benefits of hard work and helping others have become clear as students learn about farming and benefit needy families.  Twenty high school students learned about themselves and working hard during the month of June.  Some of the students thought they would ease...

Kids Cook Up Math and Science in a Bakery Business

Kids cooking up math and science in a bakery business is one sweet way for children to learn STEM subjects and also learn the creative side of business and marketing. Mixed in with the vats of frosting and trays of treats and dozens of eggs at the The BonBonerie...

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