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Learning Empathy Through Student Projects

Seventh graders are developing a connection to their community, learning empathy through student projects that research important issues. At Somersworth Middle School, students are developing a connection to causes and developing concern for others. Seventh grade...

How Cooperative Games Can Prevent Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  How To Learn is please to present the tips for preventing bullying and helping both bullies and those who are bullied below from Donna Jaffe, president of Peaceable Kingdom, a leader in the cooperative game play space....
The Other Side of the Report Card

The Other Side of the Report Card

When your child’s progress report arrives, you will see a written report of their grades and academic abilities.  You will also see a conduct report.  According to parenting expert Michele Borba, children are increasingly more self centered, creating a big...

How To Teach Children About Empathy And Giving

How do you throw your child a party that they’ll love, avoid an onslaught of, shall we say, less meaningful presents, make the party convenient for guests and teach your children about the important lesson of giving all at the same time?   Very simple, ECHOage your...

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