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How To Get A Job After College

Starting your job search while you are in college is how to get a job after college. It is astonishing  how many students wait until the second semester of senior year to go to the campus office of career services. That is not how to get a job after college.  It is...

How to Get Good Grades in College

College students spend untold hours worrying about what they will major in at college, when the choice of major is less important than understanding how to get good grades in college. The skills that you will need to carry you through a life filled with many jobs and...

Your School Grades At Mid Term

At this time of year when school grades come in students either rejoice or are devastated by the outcomes. First it is good to know what your school grades are. They are important, but they need to be understood for what they measure and what they mean.  They are...

A Big Decision: Don’t Leave College

Don’t leave college now even though this is the time of year when many college students decide to drop out. This especially common for first year students. For some who are away from home it is because they are homesick. For some they have found that college is...

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