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College for Kids

A summertime College for Kids took place for over 650 middle school students at Black Hawk College in Moline. The annual week of summer learning offers over 50 classes during the week.  They include foreign languages, mythology, and lessons in how to survive the...

Summer Fun with Enrichment Classes

Students are having summer fun with enrichment classes, socializing with friends over lunch, creating arts and crafts, conducting science experiments, learning yoga, and reading for enjoyment and information. At Alice Robertson Junior High School in Muskogee,...

The Bungee Cord Science Project

Its an innovative way to get students involved in science, but the bungee cord science project is allowing seventh graders to test gravity, resistance, and the strength of cords constructed from rubber bands.  Students were able to test and record measurements, and...

Summer Camps Help Students Learn to Learn

Summer schools face new challenges this year, as summer camps help students learn to learn.  Summer studies are not just for remedial work anymore; they help students develop better study habits for success. The seriousness of high school studies is not lost on...

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