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More than 25% of families with middle school and high school children have hired a tutor to help their child according to a recent survey of 1,000 parents conducted by, an online tutoring service.      Many families turn to tutoring when...

10 Tips For Learning A Foreign Language

I’ve always enjoyed Italian opera and their cuisine as well as culture Dante Alighieri to Umberto Eco which caused me to create this article on 10 tips for learning a foreign language.  This is why I decided to sit down and learn a new language. I made many...

Top Study Tips To Make 2013 Your Best School Year Yet

When looking for the top study tips of 2013, it’s widely accepted that repetition is one of the very best ways to learn. Teachers and students have been using this method as a top study tip successfully for centuries. In fact, repetition even has a fancy Latin term...

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