The Doodle Challenge Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

The Doodle Challenge Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from 

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the doodle challenge wins parent and teacher choice award

Want to have fun, add new neuron pathways to your brain and enhance your cognitive skills all at the same time?

The Doodle Challenge is a thrilling game and cognitive tool for both kids and adults that fosters creativity, improves problem solving, develops storytelling skills while solving stress!

Yahoo! Our Parent and Teacher Choice team loves this game.

We downloaded this week’s version of it from their site, and it’s so open-ended and fun – you can do anything with the drawing and “solving” the few lines that are given to you on the page.

Being a learning expert, I can definitely tell you this game is neuroscience based, and includes psychology and design/art theory too!

Given that I just recently wrote a new book about gratitude and mindfulness, there is a whole lot of science-backed reasons to see that The Doodle Challenge is also teaching mindfulness along with everything else!

Want your kids to learn perspective – which gives them help in geometry? Get The Doodle Challenge! Perspective is a foundational skill in geometry and many other math areas, and this game enhances and strengthens that skill!

There is a 63 card reusable card deck included and you’ll find yourself laughing hilariously while drying out the story with just the lines you’re given. The sky’s the limit!

It’s fun, artistic, challenging (even for a first grade artist like myself :):), and truly does enhance your cognitive and problem solving skills. What an amazing game!

You’ve heard about the brain’s ability to change itself – neuroplasticity? Well The Doodle Challenge taps right into that and you’ll find yourself looking at everyday problems in new ways, and training your brain in whole new ways!

Bravo The Doodle Challenge!

SUMMARY OF THE BENEFITS of The Doodle Challenge

1. Fosters creativity and new ideas.
2. Helps with focus and memory retention.
3. Decreases anxiety and stress.
4. Helps strengthen creative problem-solving skills.
5. Encourages self-discovery.
6. Combats creative burnout.
7. Cultivates better storytelling skills.
8. Cultivates humor development.


The Doodle Challenge is great for both children and adults and therefore is a perfect game for family bonding time. Not only is TDC an approachable entry point to drawing and self expression, it also develops creative problem solving, fine motor and communication skills.

Playing The Doodle Challenge (TDC) also teaches children the vital lesson of adaptability. Because there are no wrong doodles when playing, it instills the message that there is always another solution to the problems we face in life.

The Doodle Challenge has been tested by multiple age groups – children, teens and adults, ensuring that the benefits of The Doodle Challenge can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The Doodle Challenge is portable, light-weight, re-usable and durable – ideal for families on the go.


The Doodle Challenge (TDC) utilizes research-backed methods that can have a profound effect on both student and faculty wellness.

Using The Doodle Challenge as a common classroom practice or as part of a SWP (School Wellness Plan) can help foster a positive environment that promotes enhanced learning, creativity and health.

Doodling also can help you learn! According to multiple research studies, doodling has been found to aid in brainstorming, processing complex concepts and aids in information retention and recall.

With every school order of The Doodle Challenge, educators gain free access to our Doodle Portal which houses lesson plans that are available to pair with The Doodle Challenge card deck so that educators can focus on specific benefits the game offers – Mindfulness, Creative Confidence, Storytelling/Communication, and Focus/Memory Retention.

The portal also offers a place teachers can store doodles, view scheduled TDC workshops and take the 30 minute intro Doodle training course for educators that provides additional insights.

Our Take: The Doodle Challenge is the all-in-one fun game that builds your brain and while you’re at it – brings out your sense of humor too!

The Doodle Challenge is the unanimous gold medal winning choice of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award team from

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