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Innovation on Display at the Lego League Competition

Middle school students were treated to innovation on display at the Lego League competition which celebrated technology, science, and innovative thinking.  The popular event required teamwork, and quick problem solving skill among young students. Amid thousands of...

College Education is a Minefield of Choices

When a student has a clear objective in mind for a college major, they may find that in choosing a program to meet that objective college education is a minefield of choices.  From private colleges to community colleges, from certificates to degrees, the choices can...

STEM Classes Focus on Problem Solving and Technology

A new era has begun for middle school students as STEM classes focus on problem solving and technology. It looked like a scene out of TV’s CSI as eighth graders in lab coats looked at the taped outline on the floor, examining ang gathering evidence.  This was...

Coding Class Extends School Day

Piedmont schools offer coding class to 5th-8th-graders – News – Mobile back Side Panel Piedmont schools offer coding class to 5th-8th-graders 1 image Bill Wilson / The Anniston Star...

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