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Office Hours

Office Hours – A Poem by Taylor Mali A good teacher will often announce to his or her classes that students who think they might need extra help should feel free—would be well advised—to make an appointment to meet with the teacher after school. The word behoove...

MOOCs Cater to Attention Span

According to several studies, the attention span of the average human being is about 10-15 minutes. Other studies say that the 15 minute attention span has declined over the last decade and reached an all-time low of 5 minutes. Still other studies are more optimistic...

How MOOCs Benefit Students With ADHD

There has been a lot of coverage about how MOOCs (massive open online courses) could revolutionize higher education. But the subject of how MOOCs benefit students with ADHD has received little attention. It is time to redress the balance a little bit.  But first let...

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