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How Cooperative Games Can Prevent Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  How To Learn is please to present the tips for preventing bullying and helping both bullies and those who are bullied below from Donna Jaffe, president of Peaceable Kingdom, a leader in the cooperative game play space....

Prevention Not Punishment is Key to Stopping Bullying

Experts are finding that prevention not punishment is key to stopping bullying. Recent research is finding that slowing down bullying or thwarting it are not effective and a new approach is needed focused on prevention. In addition, punishment is not effective, and...

Acts of Kindness to Counter Bullying

Acts of kindness to counter bullying were part of the strategy as students celebrated “Project Be There”. During the week-long project, students at Fontainbleau High School in New Orleans created anti-bully awareness, and promoted kindness and the power of...

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