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Students Present Ideas for Community Development

The project was purely speculative, but having THINC College and Career Academy students present ideas for community development to the LaGrange City Council opened up new ideas for making the area more attractive to young adults for living and working. The academy...

Making Good Teachers Great

While no one would contest the fact that teachers inherently want to do a good job, many education professionals would argue that we could do a much better job to prepare new teachers for their role. In an effort to make good teachers great, a growing number of states...

Professional Development, One Teacher’s Experience

Many of us are guilty of it, particularly non-teachers. We assume that as soon as the last teaching day is over, teachers, like their pupils, have 3 months to do absolutely nothing if they so desire. The fact of the matter is, teachers often work through the summer,...

The 3 Best Reasons to Take a Course on

In this article National Board Certified elementary school teacher and author Steve Reifman shares his 3 best reasons to take a course on, an increasingly popular site that provides high-quality content that busy professionals can access whenever and...

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