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Students Fighting Urban Blight

Middle school students fighting urban blight recently completed a year long project for find new uses for blighted buildings and create new businesses and programs that would give neighborhoods renewed vitality. 12 year old Destiny Dupuy identified one problem...

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program

Outstanding 7th grade students with financial need can apply from now until April 5 for the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s Young Scholars Program, which is the largest high school scholarship and educational support program in the United States. Students from around the...

More Students Learning Computer Science at a Young Age

A new emphasis on STEM subjects, coding, and problem solving has resulted in more students learning computer science at a young age. Most of the elentary school students in the Marysville, Washington school district will receive 40 minutes of computer science lessons...

Vote scheduled to Revamp NCLB

The US House of Representatives has votedto revamp NCLB, after years of failed efforts. The legislation will scale back the federal role in the education of American students, but retain testing requirements that are abhorred by many parents, teachers, and school...

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