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Helping High School Students Make Career Choices

A new program being implemented in Riverton, Kansas is helping high school students make career choices, and giving them direction in the classes and activities they need to be successful in those choices. The program is called RISE – Ready, Informed,...

Are Online Credit Recovery Courses Effective?

Are online credit recovery courses effective?  A study in the Los Angeles Unified School District is being undertaken to find out if online classes that allow students to make up failed classes in order to graduate on time are making a difference. The study is funded...

Preparing For High School Algebra and Life on Campus

Students are preparing for high school algebra and life on campus through a Transition to Algebra class held during the summer at Nogales High School. 150 students are taking part in a course boosting their math skills prior to starting Algebra I in the fall,  The...

Accessibility of Advanced Placement Classes

The accessibility of advanced placement classes is benefiting students who are committed to working hard but may not have the high grade point average that was formerly necessary to qualify. An increasing number of students are taking advanced courses and passing AP...

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