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Why Grades are Important to Homeschoolers

Why Grades Really Matter The obvious reason grades matter is because you need good grades in order to get into college or graduate school. But there is another, more important reason that good grades matter. Becoming an “A” student changes you, and you are a different...

Growth of Homeschooling Support

The growth of homeschooling support groups has greatly increased in the past fifteen years.  Today, it’s possible to support homeschooling families in local areas through networking that includes pooling resources for curriculum, supplies, books, DVDs, and...

4 Things to Teach Your Homeschooler Before College

If you are a homeschooler, you must be brilliant, socially awkward, sheltered, and have at least 18 siblings. You also hang around in your pajamas all day, learn nuclear fission at 8 years old, and plan to start college when you’re 12.  Or, so the stereotypes say. In...

5 Best Alternatives to Mainstream Education

If you have any children, you’ve probably wondered about different educational options. You may have been dreaming of homeschooling since your oldest child was in diapers. Maybe you just started thinking about finding a good private school today. Public schools...

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