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Learning is Not About Being Smart

Did you know that learning is not about being smart? Does your child know? As a neuroscience and learning expert, I can tell you for certain that learning is all about strategies and has nothing to do with being “smart”. What Makes Kids Think They Are Not...

Big Back to School Giveaway 2014

Welcome to the annual Big Back to School Giveaway 2014 from HowtoLearn.com Freebies are given away between September 24-30th, 2014. This year, we’ve got lots of great items for you – including a Deck and Headset from Sol Republic worth nearly $300 in...

School District Prevents Summer Learning Loss

Summer is a time when children often forget the lessons learned during the school year, so when a school district prevents summer learning loss with activities for parents and children, it’s a good bet that the next school year will be off to a good start An...

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