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Summer Reading Success with Summer Book Clubs

A group of middle school students are returning to school having experienced summer reading success with summer book clubs. Many students were ready to  discuss the books they had read over the summer when they returned to Sharon Middle School. Instead of having each...

Kids Can Finish Professional Writers’ Stories

Students at South-Western’s Jackson Middle School are discovering that kids can finish professional writers’ stories. They are adding endings to professional novelists’ unfinished works. Some of the writers have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List. Kevin...

One Book One Day

Students at Pawtucket Middle School in Rhode Island participated in the One Book One Day program, dedicating themselves to reading an entire book in one day for the love of reading.   Students read and lived Shelley Pearsall’s “All of the Above” while enjoying...

Closing the Reading Gap Between Girls and Boys

Teachers in Pinellas County, Florida are working this year toward closing the reading gap between girls and boys, paying closer attention to how their lessons engage boys. At Sutherland Elementary last year, principal Kristy Cantu noticed a trend in her school that is...

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