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Bridging the Achievement Gap in the Garden

A commitment to hands on learning is bridging the achievement gap in the garden at the Horizons at Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut this summer. Mint plants, radishes and carrots are just some of the crops planted in the gardens outside Brunswick’s...

Longer School Days Spark a Rise in Test Scores

After three years, a school district is seeing longer school days spark a rise in test scores. In Syracuse, New York, the school day was lengthened by 70 minutes three years ago.  This past year has seen a spike in test scores, and administrators and teachers...

Middle School Principal Revs Up Math Enrichment

An energetic middle school principal revs up math enrichment when he teaches a class.  York Middle School Principal David Williams is in constant motion, and enjoys engaging students He is a former science teacher who has joined with Assistant Principal Marie Soucy in...

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