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Kids Design Their Own Hovercraft

At Gouverneur Middle School, instead of sitting in classrooms, kids design their own hovercraft. Over 100 fifth graders designed, tested and then rode their hovercraft in the school gymnasium. The Hovercraft Project is a day long hands on workshop which develops team...

Learning About STEM in the Pumpkin Patch

Some third graders are learning about STEM in the pumpkin patch. Students at Hazelton Elementary School look  forward to the fall classroom activities, which include learning math, science, language and engineering while working with pumpkins. Thanks to a federal...

Surprises with LEGO Robotics Sets

Some elementary school children received surprises with LEGO Robotics sets, intended to spark their interest in  science, technology, engineering, art and math.  The sets came from the Chevron Fuel Your School program. At Morris Elementary School, the fifth grade...

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