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Engaging Parents in Student Success

A gifted teacher has discovered that the secret to engaging parents in student success is to make interaction with parents accessible and inviting. Fifth grade math teacher Brandon Eiland at Jenks East Intermediate School starts every period welcoming students to his...

Middle School Principal Revs Up Math Enrichment

An energetic middle school principal revs up math enrichment when he teaches a class.  York Middle School Principal David Williams is in constant motion, and enjoys engaging students He is a former science teacher who has joined with Assistant Principal Marie Soucy in...

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!  Enjoy this summer holiday with fun, food, and safe fireworks displays. Here is an infographic from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission which can help you enjoy the day while knowing the facts about Fourth of July safety....

Teachers Learn Outdoor Lessons

Sometimes a hike is more than an enjoyable day in nature, when teachers learn outdoor lessons through hiking. Teachers at the Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center in Bushkill Township participated in a workshop that was designed to help bring outdoor lessons in...

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