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Augmented Reality Training For Student Teachers

The University of Wyoming is preparing to use augmented reality training for student teachers, enabling them to “teach” a class of digital students projected onto a screen.  Each scenario is different, and the scenarios will be true to life, controlled by...

Coding Immersion Program for Second Graders

In a coding immersion program for second graders at Lowell Elementary School in Sioux Falls, children are grasping advanced math concepts while learning to code. While the children in Kelsey Cosand’s Lowell Elementary School room sit cross-legged in front of a...

Inside a 21st Century Classroom

Inside a 21st century classroom, students don’t find heavy desks and chalkboards.  Instead,t they find comfortable chairs, desks that can be maneuvered, huge monitors, and whiteboards. Oskaloosa High School Principal Stacy Bandy laughed while business teacher...

New Maker Lab Opens in a Middle School

Whenever a new maker lab opens in a middle school, students have new opportunities for experimentation and creativity.  This year thanks to an $80,000 donation from Rotary of Sonoma Valley, Altimira Middle School opened up a new maker lab this year. Students learn new...

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