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YES. I want to improve my child’s grades and confidence! – $ 347

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Why This Course

Did you ever see your child like feeling like the young person above with his head on the books? Seriously discouraged, not feeling positive or even acting out over too much work and a poor report card?

This is how a child feels when they don’t have a learning system and “blueprint” for learning, reading, testing and remembering everything.

It causes them to feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, and unfocused.

They lack focus and confidence in their ability to learn.

Consequences When Your Child Does Not Know the Secrets About “How to Learn

When your child does not have a firm grasp on brain-based learning strategies for every subject, they cannot possibly feel confident in their learning abilities. 

As a result, your child is simply trying to memorize by rote because they don’t know there are other, more effective ways to boost their recall. 

They open their books and start reading with no real purpose. They are just going through the motions, without a powerful and effective system of taking notes, remembering what they read, or even being able to apply the information on their tests.

Your child may quickly get to the end of a few paragraphs and forget what they just read. This wastes their time, their energy and they get bored quickly. 

This is when you see ups and downs and very mixed results in their grades as well as a host of other issues that can wreak havoc with them and in your family.

And your child is not alone not having a solid learning system in place. The Nation’s Report Card (NAEP) says 66% of students in grades 4, 8 and 12 do not perform at grade level in reading, writing or math.

If your child needs help in even one of those areas, this course provides it because it focuses on ‘how to learn and master anything’.

If My Child Feels Tired When They Read, Can They Still Benefit From This Course?

Yes! Your child learns powerful secrets about reading; how eliminate feeling tired when reading as well as how to boost both speed and comprehension.

Here’s an example. Do you ever notice that your child seems challenged by reading in any way? Perhaps they feel tired as they read or read more slowly than they’d like.

Ask your child these questions: Do you ever feel like you get tired when you read? What about re-reading? Do you feel like you have to go back over and re-read material, or forget what you just read?

This can happen to all of us and will definitely slow reading down.

However, if your child does answer yes to any of those questions, see how the daughter of a former U.S. President went from wanting to drop out of school to going on the honor roll using the same information that I reveal about reading in this course. 

In Total Recall Learning™, your child learns four new ways to resolve any of those reading challenges listed above so they can make their reading time work in their favor. (See FAQ for more).

As reading specialist I know that reading is your child’s gateway to learning success. More than 80% of what people learn comes through reading.

One of the biggest reasons for your child to take this course, is because I share powerful strategies with them to improve their reading at the foundational level and this is something you won’t find in any other course.

Of course, your child may not have any reading challenges and that’s ok too – but this one section is so empowering, they can still use it to boost their reading abilities and even help others in the future.

If you’re on the fence even just a little about this course, having your child know how to read faster, remember more and learn absolutely any subject or new material they need to, will very literally transform your child’s life.

Right from the jump, your child will immediately feel more confident that they discover what their learning strengths are, how their brain learns best and how to specifically eliminate needless stress and frustration.

Will This Course Work Even If My Child Moves Back and Forth Between Home and Remote Learning?

Yes. Your child will be able to relax and feel confident, even if they are moving back and forth between remote and in person learning, because they can rely on a system to master any new learning, in any environment.

If your child needs a learning boost right now, and a way to unleash their true brain power so they can excel in school and get higher grades, Total Recall Learning is the right course for them.

It’s unlike any other course your child may have taken and it’s guaranteed with a money-back 30 day guarantee.

No more “guessing” about how to study and remember what they learned. And they take control and ownership over their own learning.

The Result With Total Recall Learning™

Using the strategies in this course, your child is more productive, efficient, and learns, reads and remembers everything faster.

They are motivated, because they experience success! So you’ll both see higher grades and your child will be thrilled they can complete all their assignments and gain more free time!

“Russell and I were delighted with how fast our daughter’s grades improved. In just a few short weeks with Total Recall Learning™, the change was so noticeable in all her subjects that her teachers contacted us asking what were were doing differently.” Russell and Elizabeth Martino, Pasadena, TX

Have your child join me on a 10 day learning journey to bring home the report card you and your child will be proud of!

It’s time for your child to “frame” their success, be happy and love to learn because they know how to succeed.

YES. I want to improve my child’s grades and confidence! – $ 347

      Special limited time price with 30 day guarantee! – $97

What Your Child Learns in Total Recall Learning™

Course Bundle with 3 Complete Courses

Total Recall Learning™

Total Recall Speed Reading™

Total Recall Memory™

How to do Better on Tests.

On-Demand Focus and Motivation. Your child learns 3 simple techniques that create on-demand focus and motivation. They also learn how to motivate themselves even if they don’t feel like it.

World Champion Memory Strategies. Your child learns all the memory strategies of world champions. The way they remember anything will be forever changed – memory is reliable and easy. This section lasts them for their lifetime – in any situation where they need to recall something.

Double Reading Speed with Two Powerful Speed Reading Methods. Discover two powerful and proven methods to double your reading speed. This is always one of the favorite sections in the course. In the hi-tech method 1, all the things that used to slow reading down automatically go away without weeks of drills.

Super Power Study Skills for Faster Learning. With the new, brain-researched study skills coaching day, your child will master and skyrocket their study skills. No more guessing what to do when cracking open those books! They will feel like they have super powers and be genius learners!

How to Leverage Learning Strengths! Your child learns all about themselves and their strengths on the first day of the course. They learn how to leverage how they learn best, what traits they can use to maximize their study time, and a powerful strategy to remember everything they read. Right out of the gate, your child experiences success.

How Learning Occurs and Why Learning is Not About Being Smart. Learning is never about being smart – it’s always about strategies. Your child discovers how their brains actually work so they can save themselves hours of needless wasted time and struggle. Knowing how your brain learns, and why learning is not about being smart gives your child a huge learning advantage in school and in life.

How to Learn and Remember Any New Facts or Numbers.

Give Meaning and Purpose to Learning. Your child learns how to give meaning and purpose to their learning so they aren’t meandering and getting lost and overwhelmed in their studies – there is now a specific reason for everything they do in order to get the desired results and raise their grades.

Handle Information Overload. If your child reads, then re-reads and forgets what they just read, or reads slower than they want to in this information overload world, then it stops now.

Accelerated Note-Taking Skills to Remember Entire Chapters in Texts.

Write an Excellent in Half the Time. Ask your child if they want to know how to write an extremely excellent essay in half the time it normally takes? I bet they say YES! – This is a really fun coaching session and writing goes from chore to roar!

Get An Ivy League Vocabulary. Want your child to ace their exams and know precisely how to study for the SAT’s or other college entrance exams? This is they day nix their test-taking jitters and become a word wizard – learning how to get an ivy league vocabulary.

How to Learn a New Language. Do you want your child to know how to acquire a new language? They discover the secrets in this lesson.

How to Give a Presentation Without Notes.

Which Type of Music Makes Learning Easier. Did you know that music can actually make you “smarter”? In this lesson your child discovers which type of music to use during study and how it affects their brain and memory!

And so much more…including 3 bonus sections, and new resources added frequently!

What Students and Parents Say About Total Recall Learning™

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. We do recommend taking this course on a laptop or computer because the larger screen helps students stay more engaged.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We want you to be happy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Does this course tutor my child in dividual subjects, such as math?

This course is designed to empower your child to learn anything – in any subject. Once your child has this skill, they can take any subject, apply the learning blueprint to it, and master that course. So, we do not tutor in individual subject areas – “How to Learn” is the master skill every person needs.

What if my child has a learning difference or learning disability, can they still take the course?

While Pat is a learning specialist who has taught students with learning disabilities, it is your decision to have your child take this course. It needs to be based on whether you feel that learning, reading and memory strategies will be helpful to them. If your child has learning challenges, it is always a very good idea for you to take the course with your child.

YES. I want to improve my child’s grades and confidence! – $ 347

      Special limited time price with 30 day guarantee! – $97

We want you to be happy with this course! If for any reason you aren’t, contact our Customer Happiness Team for a full refund. Email raisingsmarterchildren@gmail.com