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You Are a Visual Learner

Here are Your Super-Powers and a 10 Day, Total Recall Learning Course Designed With You in Mind!

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As a visual learner, you love to think in images. It is almost as if you are a movie director making a movie for the big screen.

Even when others are talking you make mental pictures of what they are saying and sometimes, visual learners will avoid long conversations, simply because they can make the mental movies in their mind faster. See more of your visual learning style traits below:

     Here are More of Your Visual Super-Power Characteristics

  • You tend to think in pictures when you read, listen, or even when you use your hands to do something
  • You learn new information and then recall what you’ve learned in images, which is why written tests in any environment may be easier for you because brain research shows that image recall is hundreds of times faster than word by word recall. “Think – one picture is worth a thousand words.”
  • You love visually appealing material, and you learn best by seeing
  • You feel frustrated when you cannot take linear notes fast enough when someone is speaking
  • It is easy for you to remember where the information is located on the printed page
  • You are neat, orderly, and appearance oriented
  • You like it when the environment around you is organized
  • Usually it’s best for you to have a quiet place to study
  • You tend to speak quickly and hold your head up and shoulders erect
  • You are an excellent long term planner because you have a time-line in your mind where you can see out into the future
  • You are usually good at spelling and memorize by strong visual associations in your mind
  • You like written directions
  • It will be challenging to follow a long lecture or meeting where someone is speaking more than writing
  • You may often ask for oral directions to be repeated
  • You are skilled at making charts and graphs or other visual displays
  • You tend not to remember names easily or verbal instructions easily unless they are written down
  • School may be easier for you because written tests are the norm and your thinking, processing and recall methods matches what written tests require

Along with the characteristics above, you tend to speak in terms of images: for example: Do you “see” what I mean? Or, do you get the picture?

Here are some things visual learners can do to make learning easier

Create mind maps instead of taking linear notes

  • Watch videos to learn new information instead of listening to podcasts or digital books
  • Use charts and graphs as much as possible while learning
  • Try to visualize things that you hear or material you read
  • Get as many written materials as you can when you are learning something new
  • Whenever reading, focus on making movies out of the information in your mind and add a lot of color to them
  • Color-code your information
  • Use flashcards with images to learn new material
  • When you study, make sure to have a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed

As a visual learner:

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