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Voting with a Porpoise

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Voting with a Porpoise by Russell Glass and Sean Callahan. Teaching kids to vote is what sustains a healthy democracy and this book not only has a beautiful, non-partisan story all kids will relate to, but it provides tips in the back for parents and teachers so they can expand their teaching about the importance of voting.

The authors write a compelling story in Voting with a Porpoise that every child should read at home and in school.

It tells about the need to survive and how to best solve the problem peacefully, by holding an election and voting. The additional lessons embedded in the story about kindness and compassion share several other important lessons for kids too.

One of the things we love most about Voting with a Porpoise is that it is both timeless and timely and reiterates what every voter know – together, we can make a difference! Bravo Russell and Sean!

Use Voting with a Porpoise in every home to teach kids about the strength of their voice and how truly powerful their vote is.

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