World Music With Daria Wins The Parent and Teacher Choice Award

World Music with Daria wins the parent and teacher choice award

World Music With Daria 

World Music with Daria Wins The Parent and Teacher Choice Award from


We love this website and truly appreciate that the World Music with Daria’s website uses music to share a rainbow of cultures with children!

If you want your students or children to learn how many of the the world’s cultures have something unique to share, this inclusive website is the place to go.

On this beautiful website, you can explore diversity and world cultures through music with these award-winning music cds, activities, crafts and mini-lessons. We found materials such as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle + Rock Out ebook with 10 musical activities plus multi-cultural holiday songs and so much more!

Daria is a teacher and her exquisite and inclusive materials are available on the Teachers Pay Teachers website, World Music with Daria,  which we encourage you to visit.

Create your own versions of world music instruments like Australian clapsticks, Native American hand drums, maracas from Mexico, castanets from Spain or Chinese bolang gu pellet drums.

Each craft, activity or mini-lesson helps a child understand how music is made in cultures across the globe and often includes coloring pages or additional resources that encourage bilingualism and help to make the learning joyous, expressive and fun!

World Music with Daria Website is unanimously chosen as the gold medal winner from the Parent and Teacher Choice Award team.

CLICK HERE to visit World Music with Daria website, listen to her extraordinary music, and enjoy the educational materials!

World Music With Daria is the unanimous gold medal winner of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

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